REVIEWS: Tri-tronics Sport Basic G3 Dog Training Collar

Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 REVIEWS Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 9:03 pm

by Flash0507

I was thinking about buying a Tri-Tronics Sport Basic G3 for my lab. Is this a good buy or not?

by kninebirddog
For general work/training and average hunting the G3 is a good collar

by Lab Man
If you train a few time a week and moderately hunt it will work fine. If you train alot and hunt very hard I would recomend getting a TT Pro-series collar. The Pro-series collars are definately more durable. I personally like the Combo better then the basic.

by nj gsp
I bought a G3 last year and use it pretty much every day. It’s seen some rough use and spent its fair share of time in the wet and water.
Works great, no problems at all. I would recommend it.

by czup20
I am too looking at getting a e-collar and have looked at the sport combo G3 — But have had several people tell me that I should go up to the field or pro level
Is it worth going up $150 or so?

Many have said the sport is good for average hunting – or some training. I am not sure what that means. I would like to say I would hunt more than average – but am not sure what average is. Any thoughts?

Posted: Thu Jan 31, 2008 10:42 pm
by kninebirddog
the pro series is good for training with the varying levels for introducing dogs and such
for basic maintance and traing I like the classic 70

the G3 is also good biggest difference one also needs to keep in mind it the terrain and cover your hunting

the G3 will not reach out as far as the classic 70 or pros will

by czup20
That is a good point. The range is different from the sport models too. This could be a big deal depending on the the locations.

by Goosehunterdog
If range isn’t a problem then I would highly recommend the Sport Combo G3 series…Please let me know if you would like a price quote..

by nj gsp
You know, everyone talks about a super long range being important, but I won’t use it if I can’t see my dog. If that dog is a mile away from you, how can you tell what it is doing, and maybe you might have a problem that you really should be using GPS for instead.

Posted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 10:39 am
by kninebirddog
thing is more so with your cheaper collars ..many of these collars do not ahve any range at all

had a guy come out with a house model e collar….he had no idea of the range it said 400 yard and in the process of working his dog on here…the dog was working out at about 150 yards we said here and that collar didn’t work . I had him say nothing as we worked our way closer to the dog when we were at about 100 yardds I had him call again and then the collar worked. yes we could see the dog

i find many models even tri tronics…when they give a range that is a clear line of sight with no obstructions no trees bushes
i ahve tested collars side by side..tri tronics G3 which states 1/2 mile range and the sport dog 1800 which states 3/4 mile range side by side freshly charged recievers and a 6 month old 9v battery in the G3 and a freshly charge sportdog tranmitter the Sport dog only went about 20 feet further then the G3 which neither one was at a full 1/2 mile range

I was standing on top a canel dike while our one guy was on a 4 wheeler going straight line of site away from me.

My Dt edt 202 only went about another 100 yards past that
my pro and classic our entire field it still worked 3/4 mile will ahve to find an area where i can test the range further ..but not that obsessed to try

just know when I was guiding all other collars failed the distance so even when I tried to promote other collars cause of price but after a few things where other collars failed go to collar which has stodd the test of time was my tri tronics.

I had rick here last year and he asked me what does tri tronics do for me….i hate to say My first thought was Ricks Level of sponsor…No tri tronics doesn’t sponsor me in his class…I came back at Rick later and Told Him…Rick What tri tronics does for me is put out a collar I can rely on.” he smiled

TT G3 sport combos
Posted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:57 am
Do any TT sport series come with the beeper . And can the beeper be activated by the remote ?

by kninebirddog … eries.html
the g3 Sport Upland does

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:35 am
by TheShadow
The only issue with mine is the rotary dial bumps. meaning when its in a pocket it seems to bump up the dail so when i’m not paying attention i’m stim’ing my dog on a level 4 rather than a 3. ooops

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 10:53 am
by kninebirddog
If it is a TT send it back in to them…

Any of the rotarys which make changing levels easier will with time loosen up
so far the G3 I have…I have done a lot of just rolling the dial back and forth to get the dial to loosen up but it still stays in position …it is my job to see how much abuse and punishment it takes

I do have to say I was impressed with how long the original 9 volt battery lasted over 10 months
then of course the receivers last way longer then any other collar I ahve used and love the new 2 hour charge time on the TT recievers now which last longer then 2 weeks using them or not ..which I can not say about any other collar i have tried

by TheShadow
i noticed that also, the receiver batt seems to last forever. I haven’t had to change the 9v yet either. And overall the collar gets wet, muddy, and banged around a bit. Thing seems like a tank to me. The rotary dail does seem a tad loose for me. It doesn’t really “click” into place but it was like that when I bought it NIB. I just started to notice the dail moving on its own when in my front breast pocket of my jacket. The other day i tapped the collar while it was in the pocket and my dog yipped loud and ran back to me. I looked at it and it was at 4.5 when I normally keep it aruond 3-3.5. I just have to be aware. Its still a really good collar for the money. I’d buy this over any of the others out there on the market.

Re: Tritronics G3 Basic
by Kmack » Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:18 pm

I have one with (2) collars. It is a decent quality unit which performs as advertised. It is adequate to train with.

The negatives I find are:

1.) 1/2 mile range limits it’s field ability,

2.) Dial for adjusting stimulation level is difficult to rotate while holding the continuous button. The button combinations and toggle type switches on the barrel type units are easier to manipulate one handed.

3.) It is difficult to get out of pocket or holster.

4.)Charger unit seems kind of cheap.

The positives are:

1.)  low cost,

2.) 10 Momentary and 10 Continuous levels of stimulation,

3.) Waterproof

4.) Can accept multiple collars (3).

5.) The collar units could be used with upgraded transmitters should you decide to move up.

My assessment is that if your goal is to get a low cost unit that will do everything you need then it is a good buy. If you are the type who is jealous of what others have then it will leave you wanting one with more bells and whistles.

Tritronics G3 Basic
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 3:15 pm

by eastwash
What are your experiences with this particular e-collar?

Re: Tritronics G3 Basic
Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 7:37 pm
by kninebirddog
i also have a G3
it will do 3 dogs…as with most that say that 2 dogs is comfortable I do all the way up for one dog all the way down for 2 dogs the middle position is hard to get to with out some concentration
1/2 mile range for the average dog is more then adequate many people do not want their hunting dogs out that far
most collars are timed and yes when starting the controls are a bit stiff…but after a bit of rolling is fine …the average prson uses mybe a coule settings till that dog has the idea and then maybe use it here and there when needed
side by side with the sportdog the 9 volt in the G# last almost a year before needing changed the sport dog needed charging every 2 -3 weeks
the charge for the reciever …seems cheap but I have not had any issues with the ones i have an over 2 years
the receivers last a good month plus unless you forget to turn them off
so it is a decent value collar

Re: Tritronics G3 Basic
Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 12:37 am
by Lab Man
They are very good collars. I would also consider looking at a Dogtra 1900 NCP.
Re: Tritronics G3 Basic
Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:43 am
by gar-dog
I have a G3 Sport Upland (Basic + beeper). I like it. I have it on the setting my dog needs, and have it clipped onto my belt. I can give it a tap easily while on my belt, so I feel like I don’t need to hold it. I think it is sturdy and it holds a charge FOREVER. I highly recommend it. I haven’t tested it’s range yet though.
Re: Tritronics G3 Basic
Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 11:54 pm
by jbr03
ive had the G3 basic system for about a year now. it was the first collar i have ever bought. overall i like the system but if i had to buy it over, i would have gone for the G2 Classic. when buying it i thought “oh a half mile range… thats plenty far.” well its not. and i live in FL where its flat everywhere. once i get around the palmettos the whole thing is sketchy. i would think that it wasnt working right or that i didnt have the stimulation up enough so i would turn it up and all of a sudden the dog would come into view around a palmetto bush and just get floored on a high setting. but thats my fault for shocking her. its just hard to know if its going to work or not. real spotty when im hunting. when i let her run around the camp, it works fine, becuase theres no palmettos. the range is the only issue i have with it. definitely more pros than cons. its a tritronics system, so its the best quality out there. the remote is small and i wear it on a lanyard around my neck most times. not a hassle at all. it has more levels of stimulation than the G2, but i would still rather have the G2. my advice… get the G2, you will be more happy with that than the G3, but thats just my opinion. its only a little extra! LCS has real good prices.
PS… my G3 remote does not hold up well against puppy teeth… she chewed on it a little bit and i have to get a new remote for 115 bucks.

Re: Tritronics G3 Basic
by nj gsp
I have G3 Sport Basic, and really it’s the best thing on the market for the money – I think it’s the only transmitter in the price range that is completely waterproof.
I bought a G2 Upland EXP a month or so ago, and I was able to pair the old collar receiver with the G2. So, a G3 is a great place to start if you are on a budget becuase you can still use the collar receivers when you upgrade.
Re: Tritronics G3 Basic

by eastwash
My friend just got a G2 Classic 70 and I really like the transmitter and the more powerful signal. That said I am on a budget and ordered the G3, it will be here Monday, it looks like a nice outfit for the price and I am looking forward to using it.

by nj gsp

I made the drive out to Cabela’s tonight to do some “hands on” comparison shopping. It ended up being a tie between the TT G3 sport basic, and the Dogtra 200 NCP Gold.
I bought the TT. Why? For me it was decided by one word – The TT has a 100% waterproof transmitter & waterproof collar, the Dogtra has a water resistant transmitter, and waterproof collar.
To my way of thinking the transmitter is the most critical component, and I’m not afraid to go out & hunt in the rain. So “waterproof” was worth the extra $40.
I can’t wait to charge this baby up & zap myself.
I also picked up a TT dummy collar, my GSP had it on within 15 minutes of my return home.

by Terry
I have had the sport basic for about 2 months now. It found it for the same price as the sport 50 g2 i had bought about 8 months before that and it has been exactly what I want and need.

Re: Tritronics Stimulation Level
Posted: Wed Oct 27, 2010 6:56 am
by phermes1
I have the sport combo and I have to say it’s got plenty of levels. I can hardly feel level 1 and it goes up fairly gradually from there. I keep wanting to upgrade to the Pro series, but the sport combo meets all of my needs, so it’s hard to talk myself into the extra expense.

Re: e collar recommendations
Posted: Mon Jun 21, 2010 9:20 am
by Kmack
I bought the TT Sport Basic G3 and an extra collar. It works well as a very basic unit but I find that the intensity dial is too slow and difficult to operate when you wou need to increase or decrease juice. I am buying a Pro 100 because I find that I use continuous mode almost exclusively. If you use the momentary mode predominantly, then the Pro 200 would be better suited for you. If you don’t know which mode you prefer, and price is no object, then the Pro 500 would be the cat’s meow…

Re: Vizsla training – with or without ecollar
Posted: Mon Mar 01, 2010 3:51 pm
by kninebirddog
In truth the Tri Tronics Sport basic and the Pro 100 lower levels have less Stimulation then those vibration collars or even a tug on a leash or lead..
if someone feels good about it is ok to vibrate the dog for what ever reason that is not what the collar is for if you want to use it where a dog will respond to the cue versus react to the stimulation UNDERSTANDING THE E COLLAR this is the process I use to set my pups and dogs in my program for the e collar
again the process begins with the leash if the dog is responding well to the leash/lead and confident then going to the check cord to the e collar should be no different

People still view the e collar as a deterrent tool as it was created to stop hounds from chasing unwanted quarry and yes that was super shock

This is why I do not use the term Shock collar as the new lower levels again have Less stimulation value then tugging on the lead or those vibration collars…I have seen many a soft dog react worse to vibration then low level stimulation

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