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by triplebbirddog
Wed Sep 19, 2012 10:20 am
Forum: Product Ratings & Reviews
Topic: TT or sportdog?
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Re: TT or sportdog?

The sportdog, tritronics, and dogtra all are good collars. I have lost a dogtra hand held in november in northern sd, went all winter and spring was mowed and bailed and found. It still worked. I use tritronics to train retrievers. Better fine tuning for corrections on pro models. For bepper collars...
by triplebbirddog
Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:42 pm
Forum: Hunting
Topic: SD Pheasant hunt
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Re: SD Pheasant hunt located in presho sd. very reasonable with great ground. Garret Garnos 605-659-3030
by triplebbirddog
Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:35 pm
Forum: Hunting
Topic: SD Grouse opener
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SD Grouse opener

If there are hunters that plan on grouse hunting on or around the Fort Pierre National Grasslands for the 2012 season it opens September 15th. If still needing lodging check out located just out side of presho. Two houses can be renting out per house or per room depending on numb...
by triplebbirddog
Wed Sep 08, 2010 11:30 pm
Forum: Training
Topic: Force Fetch Training
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Re: Force Fetch Training

i believing in giving my dogs 1 bird season before i introduce the ff. depending on time of yeaqr of litter the age may vary. EvanG had good advice. keep in mind if your not going to be through the process before a hunting season starts, probably do not want to start.
by triplebbirddog
Thu Aug 19, 2010 10:28 pm
Forum: Guns and Ammo
Topic: semi autos
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Re: semi autos

I shoot the winchester x2 and like it but it is heavy and if i had a choice i would go with the benneli inertia system. in all the semi auto's i have been around it is usually the gas systems that jam most often. if just upland hunting or do not need the 3 1/2 chamber the monefeltro is a fantastic g...
by triplebbirddog
Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:42 pm
Forum: Training
Topic: Retrieving
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Re: Retrieving

great point about not letting dog get bored. short and sweet. try and track down a pigeon pull flight feathers and see what he does with life movement and smell. i am betting he will dig it. same thing applies STOP before he does. aquiring a 2 year old dog not only has an adjustment period for you b...
by triplebbirddog
Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:26 pm
Forum: Training
Topic: Heel/Here by side
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Re: Heel/Here by side

when you are starting go back to heel and while he is heeling take a step forward before turning. he should follow and turn with you. do 10 to 20 minutes of this every day until he his traveling and turning with you. you may need to walk more than one step at first. make him successful following and...
by triplebbirddog
Wed Aug 11, 2010 11:07 pm
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Can a dog be a washout as a gun dog?
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Re: Can a dog be a washout as a gun dog?

sure a dog can be a wash out, but i don't think 4 months is at all an adequate time to judge that. seriously i can't fathom making the call at 4 months whether my dog is going to hunt how i want. i have my hands on numerous gun dogs of various breeds including flushers and pointers and most mature a...
by triplebbirddog
Wed Aug 11, 2010 10:19 pm
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Fort Pierre National Grassland
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Re: Fort Pierre National Grassland

Go to U.S. forest service website and find the link that will get you to the maps. they have a wonderful map of the ft. pierre national grasslands. one of the most detailed maps you will find out there. it is only $10 and can be ordered off line or picked up in ft. pierre at the u.s. forest service ...
by triplebbirddog
Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:09 pm
Forum: Training
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as an amueter trainer i have to agree that having options and using them to your benefit would only be a plus. Its all bout repetitions with as little of pressure as needed. I took a 2 year old 80lb lab that had been living in kennel with 4 siblings and he was alpha male. I could not control him wit...
by triplebbirddog
Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:33 pm
Forum: Training
Topic: Questions on retrieving
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Re: Questions on retrieving

I reccomend smartfetch by evan graham as well. No matter whos method you use stick to it and be consistant. Feathers are not a natrual thing for a dog to enjoy. since you have shot over the dog in past get a clipped wing bird of your choice and tease the dog up and let the chase begin. Whatever you ...
by triplebbirddog
Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:15 pm
Forum: Training
Topic: Words of Wisdom
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Re: Words of Wisdom

consistancey and praise.
by triplebbirddog
Tue Jul 20, 2010 8:09 pm
Forum: General Chat
Topic: Closest state for me to get into wild birds???
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Re: Closest state for me to get into wild birds???

if your coming west you might as well go to the birds. Sd has the birds. Central ND does to, but a farther trip.
by triplebbirddog
Mon Jul 19, 2010 1:17 am
Forum: Hunting
Topic: National Grassland info needed......
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Re: National Grassland info needed......

I have got a picture of about 150 to 200 prairie chickens feeding in wheat stuble on a miserable december day. the last weekend of sd season is was around -20 and shot limit of grouse/prairie chickens and pheasants. last year i harvested about 2 prairie chickens for every 1 grouse taken. that was fr...
by triplebbirddog
Sun Jul 18, 2010 5:17 pm
Forum: Hunting
Topic: Where to go?
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Re: Where to go?

South Dakota public land from the eastern border west past pierre is good hunting. the james river valley from mitchell up through aberdeen is hot but a lot of flooding this year. If crops are out find the biggest chunks of public and go. Brookings area is good if crops are out. lost of area. timed ...
by triplebbirddog
Sun Jun 13, 2010 7:59 pm
Forum: Hunting
Topic: Hunting Etiquette
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Re: Hunting Etiquette

I agree on divide and conquer. If you choose to hunt with party hunt with what can be controlled in the enviroment. If it don't feel right probably not.
by triplebbirddog
Fri Jun 04, 2010 2:35 pm
Forum: Help: Member Support
Topic: pup will retrieve dummies but not birds
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Re: pup will retrieve dummies but not birds

hello how are you today? the advice and reccomendations i will give you is not right to all people but it is my opinion. It is easier to build a dog up than break it down. with your pup still being exactly that, a pup, i would back off the sit stay and let her chase. tease her up with it and then th...
by triplebbirddog
Wed Jun 02, 2010 4:45 pm
Forum: New Members: Please Introduce Yourself
Topic: A little about you...
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Re: A little about you...

I live in sioux falls south dakota and spend a great majority of my time back around my home town of pierre sd chasing pheasants, shaptail grouse, prairie chickens, and all the waterfowl i can get under. grew up around labs my whole life and still enjoy hunting and training them, but my passion is i...