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by Laura142
Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:38 pm
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Topic: Dam Ticks???
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Re: Dam Ticks???

I live in the Catskills of NY we have a lot of ticks also I us a newer product called Vectra 3D. I feel it work better the fl but I also put DE (diatomaceous earth) powder on her before the hunt. It kills ticks and fleas when it comes in contact with it because it cuts the outer body. It is sold at ...
by Laura142
Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:20 pm
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Topic: GSP running away
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GSP running away

I have a GSP who has just turned one, this is her first bird season. She works really well and listens to commands then will just take off. Sometimes after a little bird, butterfly's, and whatever else is good at the time. It seems to be when she is further out that she blows me off, I have never us...