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by ROX-L
Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:11 am
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Topic: A little about you...
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Re: A little about you...

Casey Gray Male 24, Engineer Married for 2.5 years. Just got into bird hunting last year. Deer hunted since I was about 14. Have 2 GSPs. One was mine from the git go, 7 weeks, (Roxy), the other was my dad's until he decided he couldn't take care of her (L.E.). They are sisters and about 7 months old...
by ROX-L
Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:38 pm
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Topic: If you could go back
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Re: If you could go back

Would have separated the two pups from the start when training. They fed off of each other and found out that they didn't have to obey me.
by ROX-L
Wed Aug 10, 2011 1:35 pm
Forum: Training
Topic: Where to Start?
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Re: Where to Start?

I have two GSPs that are 6 months old. They are a handful! I wish I would have started training them separate from the get go. I was hoping that they could learn from each other, but it's been a nightmare. I say sit and one sits. Then I work on the other one sitting and the first one gets up and wal...
by ROX-L
Wed Aug 10, 2011 12:42 pm
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Topic: whoa breaking
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Re: whoa breaking

For those of you having success in three weeks. What method(s) were you using?
by ROX-L
Tue Aug 09, 2011 1:50 pm
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Topic: dog lifting his leg
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Re: dog lifting his leg

Has he been neutered? I have had dogs do that. Usually happens when you have them neudered before they desire to mark their territory. If a male wants to mark a tree, he won't squat to do it. Most males that I have had with that problem eventually got better at squating and lifted the leg on occasio...