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Re: What ARE the benefits of GDF Membership?

by Greg Jennings
  • Help from experienced trainers.
  • Make connections with other Gundog affianados.
  • Post items for sale and wanted to buy.

    Re: What ARE the benefits of GDF Membership?
    by ezzy333

  • A place to meet people with the same interest as you
  • A place to learn as well as share knowledge.
  • An extrenely interesting place to spend some time.

    Re: What ARE the benefits of GDF Membership?
    by wems2371

    Training knowledge
  • Breeder connections...bought a pup from a member
  • Sharing...seeing other folks dogs, wins, countryside, etc--and being able to share mine
  • Meeting new people in my own backyard...some who live just down the road from me...and some who I have now actually hunted and trained with

    Re: What ARE the benefits of GDF Membership?
    by proudag08

  • The ability to use the members (of which some are extremely experienced and knowledgeable) be your "google" so to speak... of course this is bettr because they get to the meat of it quick!

  • The people on here are "good folk" as we say in the South and will never hesitate to take a call, email, PM, or post to help a guy out.

  • If you are willing to take the advice and try their suggestions they are willing to give it 77x over!

    Re: What ARE the benefits of GDF Membership?
    by bowhunter1221975

  • this site is a great place to meet new freinds and find NEW pups like i did

    Re: What ARE the benefits of GDF Membership?
    by TAK

  • To argue points! Some may think that is bad, but I tell ya that when ya argue things you learn things. To argue you learn from both sides of the table! There is some real good dog people that argue one thing or another.

  • Ya also learn what is moven and shackin in some other state.... Without the net. most times nobody knows what is going on just a state away or two.

    Re: What ARE the benefits of GDF Membership?
    by birddogger

    There is more info on this forum than I care to list.
    I feel like I already know a lot of people that I have never met and the ones I have met are good people!!

    It is great to discuss bird dogs and hunting with people all across the country and Canada that are as passionate about gun dogs as I am. It has added a whole new dimension to my hobby.

    I would have never known of the excellent breeding of my recent puppy had it not been for this site.

    Re: What ARE the benefits of GDF Membership?
    by Don » Mon Dec 13, 2010 11:26 am

    I've had to think about this quite a bit.

    I think the biggest advantage is the membership. There's some real experience in here and member's willing to share their thought's and their experience. If you didn't have the membership you have, what would you have? Just another dog site.
    Decent moderators are a real value too. With out them it is again just another site.

    -- -- -- --
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