by John m
Hello my name is John and I thank you very much for excepting me I'm 49 and live in northern Ontario I hunted years ago but stopped for a few years but now I'm back into hunting again I've had dogs my whole life from jack russles to rotwellers but now I'm getting my self a black lab female and my plan is to train her for hunting grouse along with water foul I have never trained a hunting dog before but I was hurt at work and now I have the time to train a good dog I have a cabin back in the woods 14 miles in and spend a lot of time there it's the only cabin on the lake and I am sure that my new hunting partner will love to be up there with me .i hope to get all the information to help me train my new dog thanks again

by greg jacobs

by tekoa
Rik Sligar aka Tekoa, George, WA, Septuagenarian

Old man owns and operates Salish Consulting Services ( Small Business Sales and Service Planning and Development)
Upland Bird Hunting, Fly Fishing, Wildlife Photography, 12 English Setters over 50 years.

Have trialed on and off for 20 years, had four Field Champions.

My current and probably last Setter (Seattle's Jack Flash, Jack) 13 year old son of Tekoa Mountain Sunrise, and best bird dog I've ever known, and I wander around the West during upland bird seasons and hunt flatland birds, Quail, Partridge, Sharptail, Pheasant, Ruffed Grouse, roughly every other day so the old man and the old dog can rest up for the next long walk. On off days we try to take pictures. Jack has become very good at finding photo subjects, he points critters of all kinds and has a penchant for finding and eating wildflowers. We also hunt sheds and in Spring Jack finds and flushes Turkeys for me. I know he's not a versatile dog but apparently he doesn't know it.

by Timewise65
My name is Carl and I am 66 year old Grandfather of 6 Grand Kids (Ranging from 21 to 18 months)! Grandkids really are a blessing... My wife of 48 years and I are retired and live just north of KCMO. We raised 3 kids (1 girl and two boys) who all are now married with kids of their own. Both the boys hunt, my Daughter does not.

We both were raised in Colorado (Go Broncos)! I actually grew up in the small mountain town of Gunnison, Colorado. My Dad and I hunted rabbits in deep snow, ducks on the rivers, and Sage Hen's (Grouse) in the fall. I started going with my Dad around 7-8, I was the 'bird dog' to flush birds or retrieve downed game. In time I learned to hunt and shoot, but the only dogs we ever owned were do 'Wiener Dogs' and one Siberian Husky. I never had a desire to hunt big game.

In 1986 I wanted my boys to grow up with a sporting dog. We all had begun duck hunting as we lived in Memphis, TN. After a lot of research, I decided on getting a Golden Retriever. I found a breeder that had some good looking dogs with clear heath histories and a few 'show titles'. We purchased a female. My oldest son decided to use 'dog training' as a school science project. So he did a bunch of research and started training her on basic obedience. He took before and after pictures and in time wrote a very good science project for school. He got an A and a trip to compete in the national science show. We got a very well trained Golden. She was the joy of our family and she lasted until all the kids had left home for college and/or jobs. She was a natural retriever and was easy to control on recalls. She loved duck and goose hunting and we did as much as we could during those years....

One day a guy I worked with had overheard me talking about my great Golden. He invited my and my boys to attend a Hunt test. I had no idea what this was all about, but with lots of dogs, food, and kids, how bad could it have been....that day, working with and watching other handle their dogs made me a believer...I was hooked!

Since those days I have had 6 field bred Goldens all of whom had some professional training, as I learned to train. And all ran in hunt tests, although my goal for each dog was to make them a complete hunter. In retriever hunt tests, and dog that makes it through the Senior Hunter level, can do everything a hunter would that is where I finished my dogs....I still have 3 today. My old girl at 14 (not my first girl mentioned above, my male at 10, and our newest girl at 4....I raised three kids so I have 3 goldens......

I worked in Banking for 10 years, then to manufacturing for 17 years, finishing me career with a large Japanese consumer electronics company I was in Management at various levels except for my fist 10 years......I had a very rewarding career. I also went back to school at 47 to get an MBA. I wanted to strengthen my resume to change industries, as manufacturing was failing in the USA, that's how I jumped from Manufacturing to a global electronics company....

Now I am free to hunt, run my dogs, and chase my wife any time I want......

by jstevens
I'm Jim, an old bird hunter almost from birth. I grew up in north Mo. started hunting quail when I was 9 (1966) when there were quite literally quail everywhere. Along came the 1980's and the quail hunting was almost over. We are starting to see some improvement in our areas, so after not having a dog for over 20 years, I just put a deposit down on a pointer puppy, so in March, we'll start this whole thing over again. I have a son and a 14-year old grandson that love to shoot birds, so we got a training permit for the farm, and we'll try to kill 100 or so before the season opens up in Nov.

I was talking to my dad about starting a dog, he is 83, we had an old dog that was really nice that I think was born about '68 (Gunsmoke X Warhoops Jake breeding) he said when she was 8 months old, her first day hunting they shot 102 quail over her. We never had to worry about birds to start a dog on, just headed up the hedgerow and in 5 minutes, a covey was pointed. Hopefully my kids get to see that again.

Hello from Butte MT. My name is Tim and I am a Health and Safety Manager for an environmental remediation and demolition company. I was raised in Butte hunting and fishing but never really did any bird hunting with dogs mainly jump shooting ducks and chasing blue grouse. Very little pheasant hunting in my area Butte isn't a pheasant hot spot, deer and elk yes but pheasants not so much. A couple years ago I got more interested in pheasants, huns, sage and sharptail grouse when by luck my Sony and I got access to some prime ground in the grain country north of me. Started looking for a dog and decided on a Brittany. There are some very good breeders in the area so I was able to get a good pup. Iam a first time bird dog owner and really looking forward to educating myself on training and hunting with Rudy my 2 year old Brittany.

by CDow
Cathy in Northern Illinois. Work as a service coordinator for an managed services IT company. Just got a GSP puppy, am hoping to eventually hunt him, as well as do obedience/agility with him. I previously was involved heavily in Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Sloughis, so this should be an interesting change of pace :).

by SFinley85
Hi, I'm Sean from Plano, TX. I'm 28 years old and manage a company in O & G, mining and Real estate. I have one son who is about two years old. I have a braque francis and a boykin spaniel. This will be both of their first hunting seasons and can't wait to get them in the field (recently divorced and allowed to have dogs again). They are both great and loving every second of having gun dogs again in my life.

by sjmike
new to the forum, going to get a gsp pup this summer and my new job has me working at home so I thought I'd train the dog for field hunting myself. I bought an 18 month "started" dog back in 2010 and found she had no nose. I'm guessing she was a cast off. If I was a hard hearted guy, I would have sent the dog back but I liked the dog even if she didn't hunt. She passed away last fall. I live in Northern California and enjoy hunting quail, chuckar, pheasants, doves, ducks and, oddly, snipe. Anyway, thought this forum would be a good sounding board as I go down the path of training a pup to hunt. Last time I did that was as a kid with my Dad back in 1977 and what I remember most about it is that you can never have too much patience.

by karlk
My name is Karl. I am a 28 year old Male living in southwest Michigan. I have been hunting ruffed grouse, woodcock, and pheasant since I was 12 years old. I recently purchased my first pup, a female GSP, last spring. I do not plan on breeding her or entering in competitions. She is a partial indoor dog. I am joining GDF because I have questions about training.

by wlarmouth
Hello from Colorado.

I am a sales manager for a manufacturer in the fly fishing industry, and recently purchased our first GSP (well, first on my own!) My family has been intermittently raising and breeding GSPs before I was born, and little Roux (said roo) will be the 14th GSP in the family! Heck, my first "babysitter" when I was a toddler was Holly, who my mother could trust to keep me in the yard unsupervised! My wife and I are looking to train her for both a family dog, as well as an upland girl as well. I couldn't believe how easy it was to convince her! We currently have an older boxer (Roxie) who is an absolute sweetheart (but a monster at 80lbs!) and is enjoying being the big sister. Roux's "aunt" - my parent's GSP Breagh (bree-ah, it's Gaelic) is not as good as an influence, unfortunately!! It's been awhile since I've started a pup, so looking forward to some help and advice!


by TruckMan66
I'm 50 yrs old. Work in a call center. Had dogs before but it's been about 15 years. I now have a 7 month old male pointer named Sport. Didn't get to hunt him last year (2016 -2017) but this year we will be hunting quail in Texas and possibly Oklahoma. Been hunting all my life (deer, turkey, dove and quail) but with in last 2 years started trapping.

by blackpearl
blackpearl age 57 hunting and fishing from the age of 16 ,3 english setters hunt pheasants,woodcock ,snipe and duck hunting,am also into dog trialing.

by mrelite
JP from NM, a couple years ago I became semi retired and started going bird hunting again after many years of not having enough time, I am an avid Bow Hunter and big game has been my go to for any free time I have had although I have bow hunted quail through the years and had a blast doing it. Almost 2 months ago I picked up a 15 week old male English Pointer and have had a blast training myself to be with's been quite a eye opener after only having untrained Labs but it's also been very exciting to see him get after the birds, it's going to be a fun journey.
I have been a custom residential contractor in Abq for 29 years, I have also been married for 29 years and have two awesome kids that are both college students now.

I look forward to learning tips on how to handle this pup from everyone on this forum!

by Maninthearena
Hello everyone, I'm Kevin Anderson. Most days I practice as a dentist in the twin cities, MN. I've been bird hunting since I was 11 and grew up with pointing dogs my whole life. I've had an English Setter, Gordon Setter, and German Shorthair that I helped my dad train and hunt. I'm currently now at a point in my life where I'll be able to have adequate space for my own dog to train and am looking to get a pup here in the next year. I probably do 70% grouse and woodcock hunting with some weekend pheasant trips each year. I'm also interested in doing some hunt tests in the future with my future pup.

by jtg
semi-retired - winter 2015 inherited 5-month-old Brittany from brother who passed away before training began

all new to me - hunted birds as a kid but without dogs - now training for field trials and hunting when possible, just for training - good exercise and love getting out

background: composer, audio engineer, record label owner - as mentioned semi-retired, just can't afford to fully retire and can't afford a horse, but still strong enough to walk a mounted-handler gun dog stake - keep up pretty well, but have to rely on judges and planter to scout - usually good-natured about it

by R.West
Hi, my name is Ralph West and I am currently living in Chocowinity NC which is Just a little east of Greenville in eastern NC. I am kind of a newby at bird hunting. I did do a little quail hunting as a kid with an uncle of mine and always really enjoyed it, but with the decline in their numbers over the years just sort of got away from it. I purchased a German Wirehaired Pointer, Samson, about a year and a half ago, and I guess I got lucky because he has turned out to be an awesome quail hunter. So far we have just hunted him on pen raised birds released on a 50 acre thinned pine block on our 650 acre small hunting club. He has done extremely well so far to be so young, but I would like to find a few spots in the area to work him on wild birds also. I own and operate a alarm systems business in the area and don't get to go as often as I would like, but do plan to hunt more this coming season. If anyone knows of any good spots in this area I would love to hear from you, or maybe get together for a hunt. Glad to be aboard and look forward to talking with you. Thanks, R. West

by clattin
Hey all, my name is Chris and I live in the metro Detroit area.

I grew up in north-central Kansas hunting with the GSP's that my grandfather and dad raised. I got my first Vizsla about 15 years ago and now won't have anything else! I just got a new Vizsla pup this past weekend (Otis). He's just 8 weeks old and my kids and I are having a fun time with him. I'll be back home in Kansas in August and will get him his first exposure to birds then.....just let him smell them and see them. Then I'll be back home again for the bird opener in November and will have him on the ground with my dad's older vizsla (he's now a Vizsla fan too). In the meantime, Otis is learning the rules of the house and starting some basic obedience training with him. My 9 yr old daughter is really interested in helping with the training and she's doing a great job.

by Danboyles22
Hi my name is Dan boyles. I'm 41 years old and am quickly approaching my 20 year mark in the navy (not getting out though).
Currently in Biloxi MS
I have been married to a saint named Tina for going on 15 years.
We have 2 kids; daughter 7 and son 5
We're a GSP family. Our last GSP Heidi passed right before Christmas and we got our current girl Gretchen right at the new year. She's a really natural hunter and shows a lot of potential.
I try to hunt as much as possible but until recently it's been focused on deer, turkey and usually a rabbit hunt every year. I'm getting back into upland again after several years and it feels great.
My other hobbies when there's any time left in the day is metal fab, fishing, shooting, etc.

Thanks for putting together a great forum


Hi everyone, I'm Shannon. I live in Calgary Alberta. I'm a 39 year old male. I joined up to hopefully gain from the experience of others. i'm soon to be the owner of a wirehaird pointing griffon pup in the next couple of months (hopefully by the end of September). I intend on training the pup for upland hunting. This will be my versatile hunting dog. should be quite the experience. I'm looking forward to asking lots of questions and learning from you all.

Morning all, I'm 20, married for 7 months, in the Marine Corps stationed in Cherry Point NC. My wife and I are both from WV originally. I mostly deer hunt, I just started waterfowl hunting a few years ago and have only been about 10times, this year will be my first time going after ducks alone. This year will be my first year going after bear and quail also. I also hunt dove, turkey and most small game but those are more of a side note. I have a 13 week old Boykin Spaniel, we got him about 6.5 weeks ago. This is my first hunting dog, I plan to use him mostly as a retriever, though if I can train him to quarter and flush I'll also be using him for quail. No intentions of running trials or anything. I'm training him on my own using books and online resources, and I hope to learn a lot from you more experienced trainers on here.

by jpowell44
My name is Jarod. I have been lurking on the forum for a while soaking up all the info that I can. I have a 13 month old Boykin named Henry that is awesome. I have taken him on several preserve quail hunts and let him retrieve at a couple of pheasant tower shoots. I tried to put him on some some ducks but I was never able to make it workout. I can't wait for hunting season to get here.

by MidwestHunter77
Hey everyone, I'm Ryan from KC, I recently got a Boykin Spaniel she's 4 1/2 months old and my first gun dog. I love hunting ducks and pheasant and hope to have her as a hunting companion for both. I also plan on running her in hunt tests in the future. She has been fantastic so far, and I'm learning just as much as she is. Love all the information on this site and can't wait to pick up more.

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by Bertus
Hi. My name is Bertus.I am 46 and live in South Africa. I have a GSP xBluetic coonhoundx ridgeback called Tinka. She is great on blood senting. I need help with bird hunting. She does point and retreve. I just need to get it under controll. I woyld like to make a remote bird launcher to help me refine her a bit. Any idees?
Thank you

by hiboss
fdsjr wrote:Tell us a little about you so we can get a perspective on who we are talking to. How old are you?? Male or Female?? What do you do for a living?? How long you been hunting/shooting?? What kind of hunting do you do?? What kind of dog(s) do you have?? How long have you had dogs?? You into any field trials, show, competition or anything like this??

I live for sales ecigarette and my own blog
I have a golden retriever for 1 years

by critchie6395
Name: Chris
Age: 39
Profession: Paramedic
Dogs: Brittany's

I am new to GDF just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been hunting and fishing all me life. I have owned a few duck dogs, and in recent years decided to get into to upland bird dogs. I have a friend that lives in Nebraska who has invited me to a few quail and pheasant hunts. I was in awe at the ability of a good gun dog to hunt and so my adventure started. I have 2 brittanys a wife 3 kids and a bit of land we all reside on in North TX. I love being outdoors between deer, duck, dove, quail, pheasants and fishing and not to mention working with my dogs I stay busy outdoors. I train my own dogs to the best of my ability they are like my kids (i don't need anyone else raising them mind you ill take all the help i can get...) Hoping to meet some people, gain some knowledge, have a good time here and help anyone if i can.

by 3schwenk11

My name Is Michael, I am from Des Moines Iowa. I am 25 years old and I work at Progressive Insurance. I have been hunting for as long as I can remember. I currently have a 2.5 year old GSP named Mya who I got right out of college I am going to get her a sister this upcoming Spring. I love to hunt pheasants here in Iowa, and travel to my cousins 45k+ acre ranch in the heart of Nebraska for quail, prairie chickens, and some roosters. Someday I will get up to MN and hunt timber grouse. I just recently joined NAVHDA and plan on really diving in to it with my next pup. I love the gun dog forum and love seeing everyone else's passion for bird dogs and hunting.

Take care!

by Winchester.4440
Hey there I'm Jess, from just outside Ottawa Ontario Canada. I'm and electrician and love my dogs and hunting. Looking forward too getting to learn some new things from everyone. Thanks!

by sjmike
I've been a member for a while, but have only posted twice, once today with a picture of my gsp pup. I live in Northern California and this pup is my second GSP. My first was a "started dog" that I bought off a broker out in the Midwest and what I got was a dog that was a sweet house pet but refused to hunt and had zero confidence in the field. Seems someone ruined that dog pretty good. Nice dog though, just not much of a hunter. If I was a hard hearted fellow, I'd a shipped the dog back, but I liked the dog and am not that good of a hunter anyway. I was also told she was 18 months old, she died last year of kidney failure at just over 7 years, vet said no way she was 7 years old. Long story short, I got taken six ways from Sunday but was still bummed to lose my dog even if she didn't hunt.

So, I got a gsp pup back in August. I figured if anyone was going to ruin my next hunting dog, it might as well be me. My last hunting dog was named Woofer and I heard her bark probably 4 times in 6 years and she never hunted. So, I named my new hunting dog Daisy. Smart dog, house trained in a couple of weeks, there's some older dogs to follow around and learn from. Learned her name, comes when she's called, retrieves her toys and got introduced to birds today and showed great enthusiasm. So, I haven't ruined her yet...

by gspbrit
Hi, I guess it's kind of required of newbies to reply to the original post here, so here we go: I've been hunting since the '60s, am on my 5th bird dog, and started field trialing at age 59. I have an all-age pup and I'll probably need advice from some of you!

by Sharon
Welcome to the forum! :)

by No Days Off
Stumbled on to a decent little Vizsla, dual pedigree, but she seems happiest in the field, even if we come up empty. Anyway, we're breeding her this summer and of course I'm keeping the best boy. Going pheasant hunting tomorrow at 15 degrees, we'll let you all know. I'm from Nebraska.

by SidexSide
My name is Cliff Ermatinger, a Chicago native living in Wisconsin. I'm a Catholic priest and bird hunt with my Gordon Setter, Pio, whenever possible. He doesn't think we go hunting enough...

All of my siblings are big game hunters, but if my dog can't go then neither do I. So upland hunting it is.

by bcoogs
My name is Bill. I am a 55 year old male living in Rhode Island. Married with 4 adult children. I have had dogs all my life. Cannot remember a time since childhood without a dog in the house. My last 4 dogs have been: ( These dogs have died - Golden Retriever, Springer Spaniel, White Lab) and I currently have a 5 month old Flat Coat Retriever female. I hunt deer, ducks and geese. I am looking to train the Flat Coat "Tillie" for the field. She will help us with the ducks and geese.

I am a software tech sales professional with IBM, and I work out of the house allowing me plenty of time to work with Tillie. In the summer she will be out on the boat with us fishing.

I have never trained a dog for the field, so this in uncharted territory for me. I am using "10 minute retriever" and "water dog" as my reference books.

by Old Hennie
My name is Liz. I have owned dogs all of my life and have done advanced obedience in the past. I am a late onset hunter and new to gundogs myself.

I have a 7 month old Boykin Spaniel that I'd hoped to train. I've realized that I have a lot to learn myself and have decided to buy a started Wirehaired Pointing Griffon. I hope to learn from others on this forum as I gain experience in the field.

by Larry Burgin
My name is Larry and I retired 6 years ago from the commercial vehicle industry. Moved back to south and live near Charlotte, NC on Lake Wylie. I have had dogs all my life and went through a period of chasing big things in Africa I am focusing again on my setters. I have 2 nice dogs, one out of Bo and the other a young dog out of her and Erins Hidden Shamrock. I recently joined Buchanan Shoals in Wadesboro to have birds to hunt and am buying a farm in York County, SC. I have a repeat breeding litter of English Setters coming in January. Happy to be part of the forum.

by gunguy
My name is Josh and I am 23. When I am not working I am either training my dogs or hunting. I grew up in a family that didn't have dogs and didn't hunt. When I met my wife I was introduced to bird dogs and hunting by her family. I started hunting on my own while I was in college and quickly figured out the value of a good bird dog. After graduating I got a job in IT, got married, bought a truck, and bought a bird dog. My wife and I couldn't decide on a Lab or a Vizsla so we found breeders and put a deposit down on both. Lincoln, the lab, was born first and is now 9 months old. I have had him out hunting this year and have shot a mess of quail above him and a few pheasant so far this season. He is coming along great. Three weeks ago we got the call that our Vizsla was ready to be picked up. His name is Jaxon and he is now 11 weeks old. I will be sending my Lab to get some more formal training this summer and I hope to get some myself as well. I am looking forward to running both dogs next fall, and doing a lot more hunting.

by EricB
Hi I'm Eric. By day I work at a chemical manufacturing company in project and general business management.

I have a 10 year old Brittany who hunts with me at our local pheasant club and on the lesser-used state properties here in NJ. She's a little unpolished, but loves it so much she gets better every year. Unfortunately some of her club companions are way bigger and have less manners, so she gets knocked off her retrieves quite a bit.

This March we picked up our second hybrid retriever. The first was a breeder's "mistake" that I got for the right price of $150 many years ago. Sire (Chocolate Lab) and bitch (GSP) were both AKC, and I think this may have been a little side-action on the part of the fella I got him from, but it didn't matter to me at the time. That first dog was a natural, although I didn't have the time or $ to hunt him as much as I wanted. He died around 15 years ago, and I've been looking for a similar mix ever since. I came across Teveldal hybrid retrievers ( online last year, and I immediately called Kevin and Kristy and reserved a pup. We picked up Samson in March and he's showing real promise. I've shot over him a bit, and he definitely can find the birds, though it will take some time for him to learn what's what. Only wish he would go in water deeper than where he can stand. Plenty of time for that; he's part of the family now.

I'm 50, and I've been hunting birds in central/southern NJ for longer than I can remember. More recently I've been doing more waterfowl hunting, which is another reason to get a bigger retriever. I don't have plans or the time for extensive (like field trial) training, but I definitely want to make sure he doesn't turn into a bully like some of those mutts at the club. Manners matter.

Married with two girls (college kids now) and a boy (great to have a hunting buddy who will retrieve when the dog won't)

I'm looking forward to learning a lot from the forum!

by Mary89
My name is Mary and I’m 28 years old with two kids. I live in NC but am from MD. I have grown up shooting but never been into hunting. My husband, who is on the county swat team, hunts and shoots. We have 2 GSPs—one is a puppy. I’ve had dogs my whole life but our these are my husbands first dogs ever. He has fallen in love with GSPs :)

by oldbeek
To start off this topic is so old ,some folks may be dead by now. My name is John. I am 76. Married 56 years. Train my own dogs. Dad had dogs. My first dog a GSP in 1972. Changed to Brittanys around 1984. Live in high desert of CA. Son 55 and grandson 26 have GSP,s that I am helping with training. Currently live on the edge of the desert. Could hunt out my front door. Doing NSTRA SoCal region last 3 years. Current Brittany has 12 HOF dogs in her direct line. I was a diesel mechanic/fleet superintendent then retired at 56 to go into commercial beekeeping. Retired at 65 because the business was cutting into my hunting time. Hunt 4 days a week this year with my kids. Hunt mainly wild Valley Quail and some Chucker.

by gspbrit
I'm a veteran reader/lurker of this forum but haven't participated in any forums until this one; very few forums are without nasty bickering. This one seems to be very civil from my years of reading it. I have had bird dogs (GSPs and now Brittanys) for many years but didn't participate in field trials (w. 3 Brittanys) until 5 years ago; I wish I had done so long ago. I have to admit that I had the layman hunter's prejudice against field trialing, even though my hunting buddy of 30 years who has pointers was a field trial guy for years!. I had a collie when I was a kid that pointed rabbits and hunted over a standard poodle that was the best flusher that I ever hunted over. My buddies have pointers and a Llewelyn and a GWP. So, I'm not a breed-specific dog lover; they're all good (OK, not really ALL) if trained properly.

by gspbrit
Testing my photo capability; probably nil! :mrgreen:

by Turkeyboyz
Hi everyone my name is Steve. New to this site. Been hunting mass-nh for 25 yrs. my dog of choice are gsp's. Had my first dog at 19 i am now 47. Just had first litter of pups early March. Have 1 alpha male left. Buyers backed out last minute. Asking $1000. Dog is beautiful. Can send pics if interested.

by porochi
I'm Porochi, own a GSP, first one. Age 50, live in KS, hunted my whole life but never owned a bird dog myself until this year, so have a lot to learn about training. I deer hunt and fish too. I hunt primarily KS and AR, have family land in AR that's great for deer, and hogs, unfortunately, used to hold quail but haven't seen any in years down there. Married, 4 kids, they're not much into hunting but enjoy the outdoors at least, and love my new GSP, he's spoiled. I have a small cadre of old friends that I usually hunt with. Most have dogs, Brittanies, so I decided to get a GSP and see how he works into the mix. So far so good, he's awesome at backing and honoring other dogs' point and works well with other dogs, so we're all excited about the upcoming pheasant/quail season. I joined this board to get tips on training GSP's because my new guy is so excitable I can hardly get him calmed down enough to train him. So when we hunt, we just rely on his instincts, he's raw, but he does hunt well, isn't gun shy and is super friendly. I'm happy with him but just wish I could tone him down a bit more so I can work with him better. I'm a very experienced hunter but very inexperienced when it comes to training hunting dogs.

by Sharon
Welcome to the forum. Feel free to ask any questions you want in the training section. :)

by KeydetLab
29, got my British Black Labrador, Luna, a little over a year ago. I’m relatively new to hunting dog training and I’m excited to jump on the forum and learn from you all. If you’re in Virginia let me know if you are part of a club or training group. Looking for one near Charlottesville/Staunton area.

by fishvik
I'm 65, a retired biologist for the BLM, and live in Idaho Falls, ID. I have a GSP and GWP/Lab cross. In addition to hunting upland birds and waterfowl and some big game, I like to train dogs, flyfish and tie flys.

by Sharon
Re: A little about you...
Postby shintaro » Sat May 12, 2018 11:11 am

I am a 31 year-old male hunter in Yamaguchi-ken, Japan. My experience of hunting with gun dogs is about 4 years. I have six Japanese mixed breed dogs, and together we hunt boars in several locations around my area. I enjoy reading about hunting in various regions. I post videos of my hunting and of my dogs on my Youtube channel, and would love to hear what you think about them.
If you happen to visit Japan, please contact me, and I would be happy to take you along with my hunting session.

** I accidently screwed up your post Sir when approving it. :oops: That's why my name appears and my dog pic.
Very sorry . Welcome to the forum.
Feel free to delete this whole post and repost.

by shintaro
I am a 31 year-old male hunter in Yamaguchi-ken, Japan. My experience of hunting with gun dogs is about 4 years. I have six Japanese mixed breed dogs, and together we hunt boars in several locations around my area. I enjoy reading about hunting in various regions. I post videos of my hunting and of my dogs on my Youtube channel, and would love to hear what you think about them.
If you happen to visit Japan, please contact me, and I would be happy to take you along with my hunting session.

by adrianastepheny
fdsjr wrote:Tell us a little about you so we can get a perspective on who we are talking to. How old are you?? Male or Female?? What do you do for a living?? How long you been hunting/shooting?? What kind of hunting do you do?? What kind of dog(s) do you have?? How long have you had dogs?? You into any field trials, show, competition or anything like this??

Hmm... a lot of questions, but a very good step, it's really good we can be knowing each other to provide info here. Thanks