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New WI Member

New WI Member

Postby kschemenauer » Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:49 pm

Hello all,

New to the forum just this week. Live in NW WI area, currently own a 3 1/2 old male French Brittany. I would say I'm fairly new to Bird Hunting and Bird Dogs about 5 years in. I take an annual trip out to South Dakota pheasant hunting, hunt Pheasant Forever land, stocked public land for Pheasants, Game Farms, and public land for Grouse. Generally spend about 50/50 on either Grouse or Pheasants. I'm certainly hooked on Bird Hunting and Bird Dogs! Looking to add another gun dog sometime in 2018ish. Can't make up my mind however. Intrigued by a FBECS, FBESS, and Boykins but do enjoy pointers and have been looking at another French Brittany again or Llewellyn or Small Munsterlander. Like the small/medium size gun dog, good retrieve, and good with the family. Insights/opinions welcome!
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