How To View Most Recent Posts First!

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How To View Most Recent Posts First!

Post by fourseasons » Mon Jan 28, 2019 8:36 pm

Hi, all - new and "old" members on Gun Dog Forum (GDF)

It's wonderful that this Forum "New Members: Please Introduce Yourself" has been so well received and used since the 'beginning' of GDF. In the topic "A little about you..." we now have over 1000 posts and growing!

To help new users navigate this site a bit easier, here's a very brief explanation of GDF terminology:

-- Forums (Overarching subject categories set up by the Admins)
ex: Forum, General Chat, General Information, Trading Post, etc.

-- Subforums (fixed subjects contained within Forums, also set up by the Admins)
ex: General Chat, Off Topic Forum, Training, etc.

-- Topics (these are subjects created by users, within subforums)
ex: "Off season training", listed under the subforum "Training"

and last but not least,

-- Posts (these are replies that users 'post'/submit within topics of interest)

When you add a post to "A little about you..." you're posting within a topic, which in this case is in the "New Members: Please Introduce Yourself" Forum. You'll notice that some members have created their own topics within the "New Members: Please Introduce Yourself" forum, but most members simply add a post to the "A little about you..." topic ;-)

Currently our GDF site sorts all posts, within topics, in ascending order which means that the earliest posts sort to the beginning/first page of the topic, onward down to the latest/most recent post(s). For a huge topic such as "A little about you..." it can be daunting for new members to wade through pages and pages of posts to find his/her post or the latest posts in that topic. However, there are several things you can do to quickly see the latest posts within a topic:

If you want to see all posts within *every* topic sorted as most-recent first, that's called descending order and you can select this by
First make sure you're logged in to GDF, and not simply viewing without logging in
Click on "User Control Panel" (upper left of screen, under Gun Dog Forum Board Index link)
Click on "Board Preferences" tab at top of listings
Click "Edit display options", left-hand tab
Edit "Display post order direction" to be Descending (most recent first) or Ascending (oldest first)
Note: This will globally change your personal sort order for ALL posts under ALL topics! This selection can be made or changed at any time, and affects the display of all posts within topics for your user login.

JUMPING TO LAST PAGE in a multi-page topic
A quick way to see the latest posts in a topic when you're already viewing posts in that topic, is to click on the button for the last page of posts, upper right above the first post and says "page 1 of xx", just click on the last number to go to the page with the latest post(s) - or if you're looking at the topic subject on the subforum [see terminology, above] page, just click on the highest page number shown for that topic and you'll be taken to the last page within that topic

And, to quickly see the latest posts in ALL of the topics across GDF, click on the "View New Posts" link that shows in the upper left area of the screen above the Forum listing.

Hope this helps, and welcome new members to Gun Dog Forum!