New member from SW Ohio

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New member from SW Ohio

Post by Gspkings » Wed Mar 09, 2022 7:29 am

Hi all - I am from sw Ohio and am 23 years old. I work in finance and am an avid outdoorsman.

I recently picked up my first dog (female GSP) this past weekend from 6R Upland Kennels in Iowa. Her name is Maple & she is 8-weeks old. I am currently working to house break her and the process has been going decently smooth.

I did not come from a hunting family, however, got into the sport of deer & turkey hunting in my early college days. This ultimately led to my obsession with waterfowl, dove, and upland bird hunting.

I have a hunt club very close that I will join and train early on. I’m also planning to send her back to 6R at the end of the summer for fine tuning.

Any advice for training at this age? She loves to fetch the pheasant wing strapped to a toy, and I’ve caught her pointing a few times (literally have no idea what she was pointing at hah).

I am open to all advice, conversation, and criticism. Please feel free to reply!

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Re: New member from SW Ohio

Post by Max2 » Thu Mar 10, 2022 6:17 am

Being a GSP guy myself let me be the first to welcome you ! It's nice to see the younger folks getting involved. Make her your best friend .
Welcome !

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Re: New member from SW Ohio

Post by deseeker » Thu Mar 10, 2022 9:49 am

Welcome to the forum :D

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Re: New member from SW Ohio

Post by Sharon » Fri Mar 11, 2022 6:14 pm

Welcome to the forum. Lots of expert advice here to help you with your dog. Don't be afraid to ask questions- no abuse on this forum, just very fine people.
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