Jiffy Jack & US Riders Insurance...product reviews

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Jiffy Jack & US Riders Insurance...product reviews

Post by Karen » Mon Sep 30, 2013 9:16 am

Got our first flat on our LQ trailer this weekend. This would have been a disaster if not for the Jiffy Jack!

http://www.valleyvet.com/ct_detail.html ... b0d0204ae5

It was one of the things on my Christmas list when I got my horse 8 years ago (my mom is great for working off a list!), and up until this weekend, I'd never had to use it. It's one of those things that should be mandatory in every trailer.

No jacking the trailer up, no unloading horses, just loosen the lug nuts, back the trailer up onto it, and remove the flat tire. My poor hubby got to use it not once, but twice this weekend. Once to put the spare on Friday night....then again to remove the spare and put the new tire on in it's place before we headed home Sunday.

We have US Riders insurance, so while John messed with the tire, I called for service in the event we ran into a problem. US Rider was also great to deal with. They cover the first $200 per incident, so having someone come out to change the tire would have been $50 for us, or having a new tire brought to us and installed would have been $240 out of pocket for us. Everything was going to take approximately 2 more hours, so we declined service and were able to get ourselves back on the road, and find a new tire Saturday morning ($161 was the cost, so US Rider did pretty good finding us a tire at a decent price too), and US Rider called us on our way to get the tire to make sure we didn't need any more assistance.

I'll keep my policy current with them for sure.
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Re: Jiffy Jack & US Riders Insurance...product reviews

Post by topher40 » Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:46 am

The jiffy jack is nice but so is a 1 ft section of 6x6 lumber. It does the same thing and is much cheaper!
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Re: Jiffy Jack & US Riders Insurance...product reviews

Post by shags » Mon Sep 30, 2013 3:24 pm

US Rider told me they cover all our vehicles including the travel trailer, not just the rig. We haven't had to use them yet but it's good to know they responded well to your situation, Karen :D

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