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Sheath Cleaning

Tue Dec 03, 2013 7:06 pm

I've had two different geldings in the last few months who were performing rather poorly and it was caused by dirty man parts. Just a thought, but if you haven't cleaned your male horses lately, allow me to remind you. Of course, it was 78 deg F here today...

I know lots of folks have this done by their vets when they get their annuals, but that isn't often enough for a lot of horses. I have two geldings that I clean quarterly-ish and they are pretty bad every time. One tip that I have for ya'll is to run the hose up in there (no pressure nozzle, please) when you wash them off. It will help to wash out debris and keep them from getting nasty as quickly. In addition, this serves as a desensitizing measure so that they are more used to you fooling around up in there and don't try to kick your head off.

I'll also say that while they aren't nearly as prone to real problems from it, mares and fillies get trash and dead skin build up between their teats also. I lay a bunch of horses down, so I get a view that many people don't. Be sure to wash your mares' bag when hosing off as well.
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