Deer Backstrap Recipe

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Deer Backstrap Recipe

Post by centexhunt » Fri May 20, 2011 11:09 pm

Here is one from Texas.
Take your back strap, remove all membrane
cut in 1.5" thick medallions.
Wrap in bacon like a fillet mengion using tooth picks
Put in ziplock bag with allegros smoke flavor marinade overnight
Next day pour off extra marinade from bag into bean can,
add one spoon full of sour cream, one spoon of horse radish, stir into marinade in can.
Let marinate boil on grill as your smoke the medallions.
Marinade will turn creamy, use it as baste on steaks.
Dont salt or pepper, just enjoy when the bacon looks done!

These will be the most tender and most flavorful steaks you will ever have.
If you try it and enjoy it let me know!
There is nothing like dove opening day in Creedmoor Texas!

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