Couple Pigeons Questions

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Couple Pigeons Questions

Post by jjklee71 » Tue May 26, 2015 9:16 am

So I just bought 8 pigeons, they were trapped from a barn about 3 hours south of me. I have a 4x4x6 coop built with a 3x3x1 aviary attached so they can get some fresh air. I have been reading a bunch of the old forums, but I was hoping I could get a few questions answered from some of the savvy veterans that are on here. First question is how much should I be feeding these guys, right now I fill there tray up all the way with chicken scratch every couple days. Next question if I want them to lay eggs should I just feed them the pellets instead of the chicken scratch? I read somewhere thats the way to go. I built them some little boxes, nothing fancy though, how big should i make the nesting boxes in order for them to breed, and how picky are they about breeding. I'm not sure how to tell the difference between male and female, but I would think out of 8 of them theirs gotta be a couple of each. Any tips on getting them to breed would be appreciated. Also the coop is raised a foot and a half off the ground so all the poop falls right through the metal grating on the bottom. Really appreciate any advice, can't wait to get the dog on these pigeons figure I have about 6 weeks left till they rehome.

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Re: Couple Pigeons Questions

Post by aulrich » Tue May 26, 2015 11:48 am

Chicken scratch should be OK, but just like with the dogs feeding can be as simple or complex as you want. Cheap, available and about 18% protein and your good. If you feed grains vs pellets you will have to feed grit, around here we can get a product called “chicken grit” , it’s regular grit plus minerals. Also I add crushed oyster shell to my grit to keep the hen’s calcium up a feed tor should have some. Feral can breed just about anywhere, but nest boxes are required IIRC mine are 12”x22”, it’s a little tight I think 2 square feet per nesting pair is the normal rule of thumb. Think shelving unit with a perch out front and at least a bit of a barrier to keep the chicks from falling out. You will need “nest bowls” (I just make 8” Squares out of plywood that are 4” deep) but there are many ways to do that too.

Another rule of thumb is to have more perches than birds

I have had very little luck with re-homing birds but I figure once the birds are nesting ferals at least will rehome.

One thing about feeding , bulk feeding is not the best , it's best to feed once or twice a day. it will make things like trap training much easier. put them into the settling cage feed them and hunger will get them through the bobs. :)

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Re: Couple Pigeons Questions

Post by ezzy333 » Tue May 26, 2015 2:14 pm

Pigeons need a heaping table spoon of grain daily. You can use a layer feed or whatever in pellets form. Grit and oyster shell is good if your birds are shut in. Free flying birds will usually find their own grit. Ideal nest boxes should be about 12 04 14 inches deep and 30 inches long so that they can lay their next round while still feeding the last set. That size box will allow for two nest bowls. Cheap plastic dog dishes work well or you can but paper one for about 50 cents each. I don't like extra perches but it is nice to have extra nest boxes in case they do not want to renest in the box with the young ones still in there. Most pigeons are over fed and when you do they waste feed.

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