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6 year old neutered male GSP

6 year old neutered male GSP

Postby benelli » Fri Sep 07, 2018 7:34 pm

We are looking for a new home for our GSP, Scout. We bought him from a breeder and he has been around children his entire life; we have seven kids ages 6 months to 7 years and he is great with all of them. He is completely housebroken and is calm and well-behaved inside. We did some Perfect Start training with him several years ago, and he was doing fine with it but life got in the way. He is ecollar trained for here, heel, and whoa (although he's a bit rusty on commands). We have also trained him to pull a cart and roadbike. As far as we know he gets along fine with other dogs, although he isn't around other dogs often. Current on vaccines and heartworm. He wasn't neutered until he was five years old, so he was fully grown.

We are located in the FL panhandle. For the right home we would be willing to drive him a few hours if needed. We are sad to consider parting with him, because he really is a good dog, but when we got him we only had one kid and since then our family has grown faster than anticipated and we feel like he would be a lot happier with a family where he can get out more.

We have his pedigree, vaccine records, etc.

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  • 6 year old neutered male GSP
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