6 year old neutered male GSP

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6 year old neutered male GSP

Post by benelli » Mon Mar 11, 2019 3:53 pm

I had posted my GSP here maybe six months ago or so, then we tried some new things to see if we could manage to keep him, but our life just isn't GSP-friendly right now and so I'm checking back to see if there is anybody interested.

Scout is a 6 year old neutered male German Shorthair Pointer. He has been around kids his entire life and is great with them. He is trained for an e-collar (here, heel, and whoa ... although he's definitely rusty on those) and can pull a dog cart. He loves to play fetch, loves to swim, and is very calm in the house. He is kennel trained. In general he gets along well with other dogs, but he has had some isolated incidents so if you have other dogs you need to be prepared to handle that and supervise them while they're getting used to each other.

The main reason we're trying to find a new home for him is that he likes looking for ways to slip out. We have eleven children ages 8 and under, and with so many little kids in the house, there are frequent opportunities for him to sneak out. Once he escapes, he takes off and we just have to wait until he decides to come back, and hope he doesn't get hit by a car in the meantime.

We did do some hunting training with him when he was younger. We were using Perfect Start and he was progressing well, but that was several years ago. But for someone just looking to get their feet wet he could be a great dog.

We're in the Florida panhandle but we are willing to drive a few hours for the right home. We're not looking to make money off of him, we just want him in a good home. If you or someone you know might be interested, PM me and we can discuss details.
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