10 things you won't see at the Dem Ntl Conv

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10 things you won't see at the Dem Ntl Conv

Post by MNTonester » Tue Jul 26, 2016 10:52 am

10 Things You’ll See at the DNC

Melissa Clouthier

July 26, 2016, 12:12 pm

The press might hide it from you, but if you religiously watch CSPAN, you’ll see all sorts of things that don’t add up at the Democrat National Convention in Philadelphia. Even a favorable press had to share some of the mess that is the Democratic convention. Together, it’s a rambling wreck:

A Border Fence: The DNC erected a huge non-scaleable fence around the convention hall.
Gendered Bathrooms with one exception near the press box (publicity stunt anyone?): Women had to walk to find a safe space. Men in dresses (most of the DC press-corps, to be fair) had easy access to a non-gendered bathroom.
People presenting ID’s to get into the convention: For some reason, the DNC feels like it’s important to know who’s trying to get into their party.
Weird celebrities: Rambling, confused, hasbeens showed up.
Mopey celebrities: Miserable, angry, hasbeens showed up.
Boos and generalized disgust: The Bernie Sanders delegates are not having it. They’re booing and booing and booing.
Rich people with access: As it turns out, even socialists want you to pay for access. So, the rich people make it to the convention. Poor people: tough luck.
Angry delegates: Angry delegates, angry marchers, angry protestors. Everyone fretted about the RNC but the DNC is where the real civil unrest is happening.
Confusion and disarray: Will Debbie gavel in or won’t she? Who will? Who is this crazy person who did? What is going on?
Palestinian Flags (No American flags — they’re being added today )

The Democratic National Convention began with delegates booing the prayer and proceeded to be a mess for various and sundry reasons. I saw a couple people on Twitter predict that the DNC would make the RNC and Republicans look like amateurs while the DNC would be filled with A-list celebs, great speeches, great optics, and general wonderfulness. I doubted that very, very much.

Just think! The high point of the convention will be Hillary Clinton yelling to a angry mob. No doubt, her speech will inspire all of America.

I kid. I kid.