Celebration post for my healthy boy

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Celebration post for my healthy boy

Post by LilCharlie » Sun Oct 31, 2021 7:27 pm

I've had Charlie for about a month now. When we got him from a local dog rescue, he had 3 little oral warts that got big fast.

Vet said to keep him away from other dogs until they're gone and then for a while after, maybe up to 5 MONTHS!!!

Charlie went from a hoarder situation with 11 other pups, to a foster home in Tijuana, to the rescue, to our house. He had always been surrounded by other dogs and he loves making friends and playing. It broke my heart every time we went out and I had to drag him away from other dogs trying to be friends, but I also didn't want to be responsible for spreading a benign but unpleasant disease. It affects some dogs more severely, and maybe his next friend would end up needing surgery or something.

Well on Friday he went in for a lyme booster and we got the all clear! They shrank and disappeared about a week before and I couldn't wait to get that green light.
Every day since we've been at the dog park just chopping it up with every dog we see.

It feels so good to give my little guy the chance to be a puppy and play with someone other than his stiff, boring, old dad.

He's building confidence and growing some serious speed and muscle, getting to run off leash all afternoon in the trails and fields. We're gonna head out to grouse country soon and try to bump some birdies before we introduce gunfire. We're still working on getting used to water, our first swim went a little sideways when he leapt into way deeper water than I thought and I almost dove in fully clothed after him!

Anyway, just boasting about my beautiful pup who's becoming a fantastic dog and hopefully next fall will be as intrepid a hunter as he is a snuggler.
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Re: Celebration post for my healthy boy

Post by deseeker » Sun Oct 31, 2021 8:52 pm

He looks good :D

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Re: Celebration post for my healthy boy

Post by Sharon » Mon Nov 01, 2021 10:36 am

Glad things have improved for you and your dog. Good for you for rescuing a dog. :!:
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