Epagneul Breton(French Brittany) puppies

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Epagneul Breton(French Brittany) puppies

Post by ohmymy111 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:42 am

Hope Sur le Delavan and Jabo de el Matochar are excited to announce the arrival of 9 bouncing orange and white baby puppies. Hope has, and I think she is done now, 9, count them 9, female puppies!! They are all orange and white and promise to be some outstanding dogs.

Hope is the daughter of GrCHF GRCH Vernon de L'Escarbot and GrCHF De la Ferme sur le Delavan, Lucy as her friends call her. In addition to having two OUTSTANDING parents, Hope is no slouch herself. She has been consistently the best female I have in the field hunting wild birds the last 3 years.

Jabo is an import from Spain, where he is titled as a "Trialer" in the field, and a Champion -IB (International Beauty)in the Show Ring. Jabo is a charger in the field, and lives to hunt wild birds!!

If you are interested in getting one of these puppies from this outstanding breeding, please give me a call at 612-750-7059
Mark Dinsmore
Proud owner of
GrCHF GRCH Vernon de L'Escarbot AKC MH Rest up my boy, until I meet up to hunt with you again
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