Wanted "Bird Dog"

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Wanted "Bird Dog"

Post by cocadori » Mon Sep 17, 2018 11:46 am

I'm new here, So howdy!

I'm hoping this is the right place for this post...

Brief background - Long time sportsman ( read - all my life ) grew up back east when cockbirds, grouse and rabbits were plenty and traditions were hard and steadfast the first day of small game season. I've had GSP's, English and American Labs all the while...(35+ years ago ) That was then and this is now. I've lived inthe wets for 20++ years. I've not had a gun dog for over 17 years. However, times have changed and the deep seeded urge to walk the prairie in search of Roosters is too daunting to deny.

My needs are - smaller more compact bird dog that works kinda close but no "shoe polisher", points with authority and retrieves willing. kinda sorta led me to the Brittany... the caveat is... I'm not long on time for training ( the career/job thing gets in the way ) so I'm looking for a well started dog. However, there are so many out there that how's a guy to know who good, who's not... who's in it just for the money and who's in it to place good dogs with good homes? Who's got the reputation and will stand behind their breeding and training?

so... I'm tipping my hat to all of you to help me find the breeders/trainers with integrity and the desire to place a good dog (started) with a good family. As most certainly this dog will be a big part of our family.

Complete transparency here... I won't be ready to complete a purchase until late Oct/early Nov. which optimistically could be the time needed to get a really good "start" on a dog...

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Re: Wanted "Bird Dog"

Post by birddogger2 » Wed Sep 19, 2018 8:12 am

Just saw this on the coverdog site:

Gundog for sale

Posted by Dominic Preite on 9/18/2018, 1:35 pm
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4year old pointer male points backs force broke retrieve black and white handle on foot great wild or liberated straight tail this is a great hunter not a good one a great one. Hardship forces sale customer of mind need help. Call can text picture aking 2500.00 but worth more for shore. No runoff here companion dog. .Also worked as guide dog.856-697-4020

I know Dom, but do not know the dog. Dom calls them as he sees them for the most part, so I'd bet the dog is as advertised.


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