tell me where i am wrong about dog "rescue"

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tell me where i am wrong about dog "rescue"

Post by FLocker » Fri Jan 08, 2010 9:42 am

I was reading the blog Terrierman, about working earth dogs, the other day. ( really awesome site, btw, along with Retreiverman). And he has these impassioned posts about the staggering number of Pit Bulls euthanized every year (1 million) in shelters.

I place dog suffering FAR above dog euthanasia on my list of evils, but i seem to be solidly in the minority. I mean isn't a large amount of time in a cage waiting for an adoption that might nver happen WAY worse than simply puting a dog down? I kept thinking to my self "so what?" as i read his site.

What am i missing? Why arent more dogs of all breeds euthanized when it becomes apparent that their stay in a shelter (without much human or other dog contact) will be longer than a few weeks? A working/gun dog going neurotiic in a cage absolutely breaks my heart.

Am i a heartless monster who just doesnt get it?

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Re: tell me where i am wrong about dog "rescue"

Post by ezzy333 » Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:22 am

I would guess it's because as human we think life is much better than death as long as there is some hope that things can or will get better. I understand what you are saying but if that time in a cage is so bad then it points out our shortcomings and not the dogs, since we are the side of this story that has the capability of spending time with and caring for those animals. Our shelters advertise for people to volunteer time to walk and play with the dogs they have in pens and not cages but do not get much response.

If you can guarantee that an animal will never get out of the cage then I agree with you. Again, as humans, I think we fear death way more than we should and way more than most animals do.


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Re: tell me where i am wrong about dog "rescue"

Post by BillGraves » Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:35 am


Your post inspired me to look up my local SPCA and try to volunteer some time on the weekends. My heart goes out to these animals that were wanted at one time and then given away. IMO, in most cases, the owners didn't give the dog what he/she needed in terms of exercise and they tore the house apart and they deemed the dog as aggressive and destructive when all they had to do was take the dog for a walk! York County SPCA, here I come!


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