by willisco021
I have a Dogtra 2500 T&B. The beeper function is so quiet I can barely hear it when I am standing right next to it. Does anyone know a place I can buy a replacement collar?

by Chaingang
Has it always been like that? Maybe call the folks at Dogtra and see if they can help you out. If the beeper is defective they might just send you a replacement no charge??

by Ryman Gun Dog
This is one of the major complains about some of the 2500 B&T units, believe me you are not alone, contact Dogtra direct and tell them about the problem.
They should either fix the problem or give you a different unit.

by Vman
While there could be a problem, be sure and read the owners manual. You can adjust the volume on that collar. Make sure it is set on the loudest setting.
If it is still a problem contact Dogtra and do not be afraid to complain. They will make it right with you.