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Harness in field ?

Harness in field ?

Postby overit2 » Fri Aug 11, 2017 9:08 am

Hi all, posted here and Versatile forum. So our 10 month old Weim pup recently was very ill-luckily on the way to recovery. We don't know if it was a grass awn or if after antibiotics are done something will re-surface. He had a huge abcess form right on his right side neck. Lanced twice w/drains that are now out. We are putting honey on the wounds as indicated by vet as well as continuing the antibiotics.

We know for a while he won't be able to wear a collar-likely a long while-even when this heals it's possibly he'll have some small scar tissue left- like a keloid. This has kind of put a lot on hold- he was to have his first show this month. We still plan on sending him to fall training w/our local Weim club trainer for birds. We had just started e-collar also so we had to put everything on hold this last month-likely more.

I need to know what harness you would recommend in field. Not for walking him but for releasing him to chase birds. We would love something small, lightweight, functional and comfortable (not causing irritation underarm) little padding, there are SO MANY- but I just can't figure out what our Weim would be comfortable in for full speed running/tracking/field work. Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated!!!
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Re: Harness in field ?

Postby Featherfinder » Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:29 am

Overit2, I'm just trying to get as much info before commenting so I don't presume incorrectly. So, your dog has had his neck lanced/stitched and is now on the road to recovery. Congrats, by-the-way!
You have already introduced an e-collar which is great. You are asking about a harness I presume with the intent of restraining/keeping the dog standing around birds or simply restraining him so he doesn't catch birds. If I have this right so far, I would like to know if you have seen someone else of late or your trainer use this type of process around birds? If so, you should know that there have been quite a number of "upgrades". That process is circa 1950-1965-ish or you might even be working from that green & blue fossil.
From what I have been able to extract (which could be WAY off the mark) you don't need a harness what-so-ever unless you want to "road" your Weim. I'm guessing he might be a bit young to start roading as he has some bone/joint development still to do. I'd like to suggest you seek out the latest/greatest techniques out there and there are many. They are light-years from what I presumed you were alluding to. Then again, I might have grossly misunderstood.........yet again!?!?!
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Re: Harness in field ?

Postby shags » Sat Aug 12, 2017 7:43 am

My SIL is a competitive runner and takes their mixed breed along on training runs. They use something like this ... lsrc=aw.ds
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