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Dog Boxes.......

Dog Boxes.......

Postby TheMorningRise » Tue Aug 22, 2017 6:40 am

What are everyone's favorites?

I have narrowed it down to Owen's, Mountaintop and Jones.

Any insight would be appreciated. If it helps, we live in southern Wisconsin. Our temps can go from -20 to 100.
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Re: Dog Boxes.......

Postby Spaniel » Sun Aug 27, 2017 8:51 pm

Interested in dog box vs dog crate comparison myself. Why not just get one or two crates for the truck?
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Re: Dog Boxes.......

Postby Garrison » Sun Aug 27, 2017 11:44 pm

Rough Tuff with a mud river pad and cheap crate cover here. I like being able to put it in my truck or small SUV and its easy for one person to lift in and out. Door easily pulls off and it can double as a dog house when I stake out the dogs when we are camping or in the rv. I zip the crate cover part way down so they can get in and out, the dogs are warm down in to freezing temps. Truck box is nice, just not as functiona or flexible for my needs.
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Re: Dog Boxes.......

Postby tekoa » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:16 am

I use Ruff Tough, intermediate, Mud River covers, fans, auto notification temperature and humidity alarm.

I take my Setters with me every where, hunting, or not. I frequently end up in motels in really hot or cold weather and take the dogs in the room with me. Many motels require the dogs be crated in the room so portable crates are best. I also like to carry the dogs in my car and truck with canopy and use the same crates for both.

I've used a truck bed topper when I had four dogs. Loading and unloading the dogs is a real hassle and sometimes dangerous. I'm too old and weak to lift the dogs in and out anyway.

Friends have had trailers for four to six dogs, they have gone to plastic crates under truck canopy due to rough ride of trailers on washboard ranch roads and concerns about aluminum oxidation, dust and exhaust accumulation in trailers.
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Dog Boxes.......

Postby Schatzman » Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:26 am

I run two gunner kennels and a truck vault instead of a dog box. I can fit a third crate from ruff tough when I need it.

Quite a bit of stuff in a midsize pickup

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Dog Boxes.......

Postby LouisianaHunter » Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:21 pm

I have an Owens . I really like how many options I have to control ventilation . Fro almost totally closed to pretty wide open . I put the slide out panels in my tool box . If you don't have a place to put them I suggest the box with storage

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Re: Dog Boxes.......

Postby outback1 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:13 am

I have been using Owens bottom storage for years, love it! I used to have the top storage boxes but were extremely hard to get the gear out unless I climbed on to the tail gate.with the bottom drawer everything is right there
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Re: Dog Boxes.......

Postby Finelinegundogs » Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:00 am

I am getting ready to start back building boxes here in N Texas. I have personally hauled them in single digit temps, keeping dogs in the box all night and checked inside temps and it is in the mid-upper 50's.


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