Gun dog for a guy in early 60's

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Re: Gun dog for a guy in early 60's

Post by Zebo » Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:05 pm

Feather Finder, you sir, are a gentleman and knowledgeable dog man.
I read all your input and for a new middle age guy 😁 Believe I am a good judge of character.

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Re: Gun dog for a guy in early 60's

Post by Sharon » Tue Jul 30, 2019 2:17 pm

You got it right Zebo.

He was the trainer some of my dogs and I had no regrets.
" We are more than our gender, skin color, class, sexuality or age; we are unlimited potential, and can not be defined by one label." quote

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Re: Gun dog for a guy in early 60's

Post by Featherfinder » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:11 pm

Thank you kindly Zebo and Sharon! Just to inure your comments, I had a litter of setters here about 25 years ago. (Back when I knew enough to be dangerous!) A fine gent came by to purchase a pup subsequent to seeing my ad. When he came by I asked what his hunting preference was. He said he did mostly duck hunting but also a good deal of pheasant hunting on a local game farm. I counselled him by saying, "You should get a Lab, not a setter."
He seemed disappointed and said, "I really like this pup right here. I'm happy to pay you."
I could have taken his money and waved goodbye as he drove off BUT I declined him ANY pup.
He left visibly upset with me....and I get it.
Roughly 4 months later he returned all excited to show me his new Lab pup. He said, "Most people I talked to about you said I should consider what you told me." He then said, "You were right and I so happy now! ….thank you." (B.T.W. he had a CRACKER of a black Lab!)
I believe you will be posting again reasonably soon Zebo. I am excited for you and look forward to hearing about the development of your newest hunting partner!! "We" may be mature but how does that saying go, "It's not about how many breaths we take. It's about living a life that takes our breath away!" While you hunt grouse and pheasants, most Albertans/Sasks take their enviable waterfowling for granted, especially those speckled bellies! That Lab of yours is SO lucky to have you! (I have already booked my annual return the Alberta Zebo and count the days!! It makes me feel like a child before Christmas...even at 65.)
I have said this before, "Much as I love my pointing breeds, it's hard to beat a decent flusher or Lab on ditch parrots." Obviously, it's even harder to beat a Lab on late season waterfowl hunts when that AB snow flies! JMO
I may not always right BUT I'm always sincere. :wink:

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