Couple photo's from a new owner.

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Couple photo's from a new owner.

Post by DonF » Tue Jun 09, 2020 9:03 pm

This pup was a bit of a problem for me. She developed an umbilical hernia at almost 8 wks and I took her off the market. Refunded the buyer her deposit and money paid. Worked out pertty well as I didn't care for that buyer once I got to know her. Mentioned t on facebook and lady I know in Washington, owner of my Stormy's dad, got a hold of me. she wanted that pup and they are paying for fixing the hernia and spay if she needs it. I'd checked and my vet wanted $350 to do both at the same time so I took $350 of the price. Met them in Yakima along with the owner of Stormy's mom, really admired her! Fran told me she'd always taken over her husbands dog's but this one was his! Here he is when they picked up the pup. H's a happy guy!

Got a few photo's of the pup a week or so ago and she's looking good! This is a wing on a string at about 11 wks!

This one was on a walk at the Army Post in Tacoma. She doesn't worry about cover at all and natural retriever! Oh well, can't do three phoo's!
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Re: Couple photo's from a new owner.

Post by Meller » Tue Jun 09, 2020 10:52 pm

couldn't view the video.

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