Productive year so far.

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Productive year so far.

Post by Stoneface » Sun Jan 18, 2015 2:03 pm

I posted before that we kicked off the fall season at the Southwest Missouri Walking FTC's season opener to run in the Gun Dog (Amateur Shooting Dog JC@F). Cinna ended up tagging first and Moxy took a second. Yesterday I ran them for the first time since then. Moxy took first and Cinna took second. I did some calculating and just off these two trials, I do believe Cinna and Moxy have the Missouri Gun Dog of the Year and R/U Gun Dog of the Year cinched (don't know if there is such a thing as a R/U for this, but I'm going to pretend like there is until someone tells me different). On February 8, we're running at the last Gun Dog stake of the season around here at the classic at Talbot. If they both place there then they will be in contention for the National and R/U National Gun Dog of the Year.

Besides the classic, we are planning on running several AKC trials and tests this spring. Would like to have a MH on Moxy by the end of the season. The judges have been encouraging me to run the girls in Shooting Dog, so we may give that a go next season.

Pretty proud of these girls...
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