So much fun it ought to be illegal!

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So much fun it ought to be illegal!

Post by GunDogAdventures » Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:13 pm

At the advice of quite a few people (some on this board), we've taken our time with Chevy, not wanting to rush into too much, too fast. He was pointing, honoring, and had been shot over by 5 months old, so the temptation has certainly been there. I took him wild bird hunting and he bumped and chased quite a few, but I just chalked it up to his age at the time - 7 months. We had entered him in a Junior Hunt Test that same weekend and he passed both days for 2 legs. We considered it a good judgement of his natural bred abilities (thanks go out to Murphy and Carmichael). We're on a summer litter list with some impressive Duals, so we wanted to see if Chevy had what it took to be competitive in the show ring. True to form, at 8-1/2 months, he just took Best of Winner's in San Antonio for a 3-point Major towards his bench title (thanks go out to Dr Renee Lara). This much fun ought to be illegal!!
A dog on point.....steady, yet trembling,
Breathing in and tasting the gentle breeze.
Take a moment for yourself to soak it all in,
All the training, the hard really has paid off.

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Re: So much fun it ought to be illegal!

Post by NC Quailhunter » Mon Mar 09, 2015 7:36 pm

Congratulations. Keep us posted on all your success. It appears he is starting to show form follows function.
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