Meet up?

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Meet up?

Post by StrAp44 » Wed Nov 17, 2021 7:51 pm

Curious if members do meet ups or how to go about that. I'm trying to talk the wife into going to Iowa for a football game (GO HAWKEYES!!), we're from central PA (45 min from PSU). My hopes eventually would be to plan out a vacation of football and pheasants.

Or a Maine vacation with sight seeing and whale watching, and hopefully a grouse hunt.

Curious if anyone is local and willing to show the ropes, preferably with a flushing dog as I run an ESS and sometimes in tandem with a Golden.

PA lacks wild pheasants and the grouse population is in a heavy decline. So these are two things on my bucket list. My wife is supportive of my "dream" with this dog, but our vacation time is limited so I'm trying to multi task.

Thanks for any help or guidance

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