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What do you think of Benelli shotguns?

What do you think of Benelli shotguns?

Postby JonBailey » Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:38 pm

The Benelli Nova pump, a tough looking, budget-priced all-weather gun with synthetic stock, seems good for rough hunting as in ducks.

The Benelli Montefeltro Silver in 20 ga. looks pretty and is lightweight for fair-weather upland shooting but is not a cheap autoloader at about $1,750 retail.
This Italian semi approaches over/under prices. I don't like most over/unders including the Beretta Silver Pigeon because they are hard to open. I don't want to pay a new-car price
for an over/under that actually is a "self opener".

There is a dog engraved on one side and birds on the other side of the receiver.

I have a late-model Remington 870 police pump but I am not impressed with its build quality overall.
I think I will replace that gun with a Nova with a tactical short barrel.
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Re: What do you think of Benelli shotguns?

Postby Thinblueline » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:10 am

Save some money and just buy a regular blued finish Benelli Montefeltro. They only run $1000 even just about everywhere last time I checked. I’ve got two Montefeltros, a 12 and a 20, because I think for $1000, and sometimes $900 when on sale, they are about the best semi-automatic shotgun for the money. The inertia recoil system is reliable and clean shooting, and the gun and action is easy to disassemble and clean. They have a little more recoil than a gas recoil system, but I never notice it at all when shooting at game.

If you want to save even more money for a reputable semi-auto, I’d take a hard look at the Franchi Affinity, otherwise I give a high recommendation to the Montefeltro.
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Re: What do you think of Benelli shotguns?

Postby averageguy » Wed Jul 04, 2018 7:24 am

I own 3 Benellis semi-autos and like them. 12 ga SBE2 that I use for turkey and have used for Waterfowl alot in the past (Using an A5 now), a 28 gauge Legacy Ultralight that is fun to carry and shoot, and an Ultralight 12 gauge with a 24 inch barrel weighing 6lbs which sees a lot of action on Doves and Upland birds every season. The Ultralight 12 is my go to Upland bird gun, very natural shooting, quick to action and excellent carrying weight. I have slings on all of them which is very handy for safe gun handling when taking birds from dogs, watering dogs, traversing ditches ... They have all been reliable for me. Good balance and function, shim kits to do some customization of the stock, easy to break down and clean, versatile in loads and chokes.
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Re: What do you think of Benelli shotguns?

Postby Mountaineer » Wed Jul 04, 2018 8:06 am

Good guns, I love my 12 BUL as a backup for most other words, Benellis click for me.
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Re: What do you think of Benelli shotguns?

Postby porochi » Wed Jul 04, 2018 1:42 pm

Had a Benelli Nova 12 ga pump but sold it. The magazine shut off button is slap in the middle of the stock, making it very easy to inadvertently hit, especially if you are wearing gloves. Man, I don't know how many times I couldn't get off a 2nd shot at ducks, quail or pheasant because I bumped the magazine cut off button and it didn't cycle a 2nd shell when I pumped it. The shotgun isn't designed with bird hunters in mind. I got rid of it and now use a BPS with no magazine shut off switch. Much better. I can take a 2nd shot without having to deal with empty cycles like I regularly did with the Nova.
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Re: What do you think of Benelli shotguns?

Postby tailcracken pointer » Sun Jul 08, 2018 12:25 pm

I own them all from the monte, a ultralight, cordoba, ethos, 828 ou, and i am going to get the new ul performance soon, the monte is like apples and oranges compared to the ethos or cordoba and to be honest the monte is junk, the ethos and cordoba is by far the best i have used clean, crisp and when u pull up on the raised raised rail on the cordoba its gets home quick!! The ethos when you shoot it in a 12 hits you softer than any of the benellis that i own and is what i bird hunt with 60 plus days a year with
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Re: What do you think of Benelli shotguns?

Postby rinker » Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:54 am

A few years ago, I bought two Benelli Vinci's in 12 gauge. I bought one for me and one for my son. Mine fit me perfectly and I like it a lot. When my son shot his, he would get a big blood blister on his right hand. I ended up selling his, but I like mine. It is really a little heavy for a day long upland hunt, but I shoot trap also, and the gun can do both.
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