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Winchester model 12 value

Winchester model 12 value

Postby osunut » Fri Jul 08, 2016 5:30 am

Hey guys could use some opinions. I have recently come across a winchester model 12 from 1936. It is is good shape,no rust, wear is normal for the age, and still locks up tight. I know that it is hard to put a value on something without seeing it but I was throwing this out there to see if any one had a ball park value. All feed back is appreciated.
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Re: Winchester model 12 value

Postby Mountaineer » Fri Jul 29, 2016 2:25 pm

$427.00 or less.

You do not mention gauge or other particulars.
In particulars are $$$s.
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Re: Winchester model 12 value

Postby Spaniel » Fri Aug 25, 2017 11:17 pm

First off, these guns (and pump guns in general) are rapidly losing value. Especially in the larger gauges.

Second, I have bought two Model 12s in the last five years.

One was about a 1956 M12, 12 gauge, "Heavy Duck" gun in exceptional shape for its age. The Heavy Duck models Probably over a 90% condition gun (no rust, some stock dings), original action was so tight that the slide would not fall all the way down when the slide release was pushed. It was claimed that the shotgun was bought by a big game sportsman who needed a duck gun to take to an Arkansas duck club, took it on a few hunts in the 50s and 60s, and then kept in a glass front gun safe for decades before being given to the (adult) nephew in about 2010. He wanted an AR15 more than a 60 year old pump gun that you can't use steel shot in. I paid less than $500 for it ($450 I think?).

The other was an early-ish 16 gauge in pretty rough shape. Lots of original bluing, but significant surface rust. Barrel cut with a hacksaw to 24", buttplate broken, stock dark with grim and oil, and the action was so gunked up it wouldn't open when I bought it. I think I gave $225 for it; it's now my favorite bird gun. Light enough to carry all day, throws a great open pattern for field trials and grouse hunting, and I don't have to worry about scratching it.

So, if you're talking about a 12 or 16, don't expect to get over $500 for it unless it's a high grade gun, a Heavy Duck, a skeet grade gun, etc. A fair price for an average field grade 12 or 16 is about $350. Cutts or Polychoke reduces the value (as does a cut stock or cut barrel).

If it's a 20 or 28 gauge, then the price goes up. A 20 gauge might be $500 (more open chokes will bring a better price than the full choke guns which were very common). A 28 gauge would be worth $5,000, but I don't think they started building those until 1937. Again, these prices are ballpark and condition and grade are important as well. The 28 didn't sell well, and many of the ones sold were Skeet grade guns, further driving up the current prices (in addition to the resurgence of the subgauges).
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