Rear Leg Question

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Rear Leg Question

Post by V-John » Sat May 12, 2012 8:34 pm

Hey guys. I have a young vizsla bitch about a year and a half. On wedneaday we noticed that she had been limping, carrying her rear left leg. She would put any weight on it Wed, and has gotten a little bit better each day. She still today has shown some signs of improvement but still doesnt want to put weight on it. When her leg is manipulated she does not show signs of pain. Her activity level is being restricted obviously, and I have plans to take her in to the vet but while at a dog show I asked a vet here to give her a look over and there is a possibility of a tear in the acl. Obviously that is worst case scenario. Are sprains likely to cause this? When she walks on leash that leg will roll out a little bit (meaning when that foot touches down that leg rolls out a bit to the outside.) If it is a tear what was the recovery/rehab like? How long? Was the dog its former self athletically afterwards? I know there is a lot of possibilities that this could be but I just wanted to get some things straight in my mind I suppose. I did research some threads that were helpful.
If it is a tear I will more then likely go to Kansas State unless there is someone better in the area.

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Re: Rear Leg Question

Post by Cajun Casey » Sat May 12, 2012 8:58 pm

Could also be a patella luxation. I'd consider shipping her to Little Rock to see Dr. Dew at Azzore. You should have a landing spot for her there, I would think, during the time it would take to have her evaluated.
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Re: Rear Leg Question

Post by jlp8cornell » Sun May 13, 2012 7:13 am

Look at some of the past threads. Lots of info. PM or email me if you have any questions once a diagnosis has been made. I have been through a TPLO and the traditional/extracap suture procedures. Your vet will know quickly if it is a CCL tear by performing a cranial drawer test..





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