by Trekmoor
I have a friend who has just bought his first HPR (hunt - point - retriever.) She is an 8 weeks old bracco . This is a breed I love watching in action although I have never owned or trained one. I have seen about 20 of them hunting at tests held on grouse moors and I noticed that while a few of them had that lovely long striding ,swinging gait the breed should have most of them did not have it.

I am not at all worried about any of the rest of her training (I will be helping my friend where and when I can) but I really do not know if the breed gaits properly due partly to breeding, partly to training or if that gait really needs to be developed by training. In other words, is that gait achieved by nature or by nurture ? Does anyone have any knowledge of this they are willing to share ?


Bill T.

by shags
Not particular to Bracs, but I think conditioning helps, but can only do so much. If gait could be 'nurtured' to what we desire, few of us would have dogs with less than desirable gaits. Movement is fixed by structure.

Have to admit I chuckled at the the thought of training gait. I have enough trouble with the regular stuff :lol:

by Steve007
if you've seen twenty, you've seen far more than I have. But my understanding is that they naturally pace. Nothing wrong with it. That's just the breed.

by Shellottome
If you don't mind but why a bracco?

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by Trekmoor
My friend had seen one of my HPR's (versatiles) working and fancied one himself. I advised him to get a GSP as he is an active young man who already trains and works spaniels to a high standard. I thought a GSP would best fit his life style.
His wife had other ideas and she fancied a bracco so that, as they say, was that ! :lol: He cheered up a lot when I told him that having seen this breed work, I liked them. The breed does tend to have a very good and fairly calm temperament and a good example of the breed, going across the ground with that long striding gait is beautiful to watch.

The breeds gait only looks slow, it actually covers a lot of ground in a very economical manner. I have now been told his puppy is not nearly as angelic as she looks. She is almost on a par with the spaniel pups he's had in terms of being very active......sounds good to me !

I first saw this breed in the flesh during a Spring Pointing competition held on a grouse moor. Must admit I did not originally like their looks. They looked too "heavy" and too "houndy" for me. The first few of the breed I saw competing did not impress me but they were actually show bred dogs ran by show people who wanted to try working them. Then I saw a few of the work bred dogs and work minded owners hunt their dogs and I was captivated by their "style." I have been a fan of the breed ever since.

I did what I could to read up on the breed and one Italian trainer said he trained to get the proper gait .....but did not say how ! Personally, I think the gait comes with the correct breeding but thought I'd ask on here in case I am wrong.

I have now been to two Spring Pointing tests held on grouse where this breed were up against GSP's, vizslas and Weimies. The highest awards went to the braccos !

I have still to see this breed retrieve but my friend tells me that his 8 weeks old pup is very keen on retrieving up and down his hallway. He is happy with the pup and he's kept his wife happy at the same time .....not a bad end result ! :lol:

Bill T.