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DT RAPT? Dogtra 1900?

Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:49 am

Merry Christmas everyone! I have a GSP and wanting to spend some Christmas money on an e-collar. I am torn between the DT RAPT and the Dogtra 1900NCP. Have read great feedback on the 1900, but couldn't find anybody that has used the RAPT. I like that the RAPT is cheaper, has the jump feature, and the layout of the buttons seems good. That being said, a little hesitant to buy a unit where I haven't found any major reviews or discussions on this model. Anyone own one or used it? Any general thoughts between the two models (or other options in the sub $300 price range? or if going Dogtra, would you recommend the 1900 over the Surestim H?

Thanks in advance. This will be my firs e-collar purchase for my 6 month old GSP, so value the insights from those of you with experience.

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