Field Dog Trailers & Kennels

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Field Dog Trailers & Kennels

Post by CHNJ29 » Mon Dec 29, 2014 6:39 pm

Field Dog Trailers and Kennels located in Sioux Falls, SD.

I attempted to purchase a 3 hole slide in from this company. Their website advertises 6-8 week lead time on custom boxes and trailers. I am now at 16 weeks and still no box. The owner of the company refuses to refund my deposit (50% of the total cost of the box......and we all know that boxes of any brand aren't cheap). He claims the box, which isn't built yet, is a custom order which he cant sell to anyone else (a 3 hole slide in for a Ford F-250....I think I have seen a few of those at hunt tests). He also claims none of the parts can be used on another build (water pump, LED airing lights, etc.). A friend of mine is in the same predicament and his deposit and order was sent nearly 18 weeks ago. The owner has promised 3 delivery dates so far and has failed to meet all of them. He would not return phone calls, emails or text messages for about a 3 week period.

I am sure most of you will say shame on me for not doing my research before sending this guy a very large deposit check. You would be correct...... so shame on me but in the dog world we, at least I, tend to believe that most of the vendors are honest people since a company's reputation is everything and word travels fast in the dog community.

So my intention isn't to spread rumors or vent my frustrations with my personal situation. I only wanted to make fellow dog folks aware of what happened so if you choose to purchase one of Field's products you will be informed and hopefully can avoid suffering the multi-thousand dollar loss that myself and my training buddy have!

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Re: Field Dog Trailers & Kennels

Post by demsdogs » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:18 am

Yikes, can you talk to your bank or perhaps an attorney? You could file a complaint with the BBB, but that will only matter if the owner cares about his rating.. Sorry man, good luck.

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