Collarworks ExC234 High Capacity Battery

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Collarworks ExC234 High Capacity Battery

Post by chicken19590 » Sat Jun 11, 2016 11:20 am

Needed to replace the battery on one of my Garmin DC 30 that was draining faster then the other so I bought this off E-bay and tested it with another DC 30 with OEM battery in it. The HC claimed to get 42 hours of run time with update rate time is set at 10 sec. The standard OMC battery should get 30 hours. The standard battery is 2400mAh and the High Capacity Battery is 3350 mAh.

What i found with both collars charge 100% is the OEM battery in the one collar lasted 30 plus hours, it went dead at late night and in the am when i looked at it at 36 hours it was dead. My guess is around 32 hours of run time.

The High Capacity battery in the collar went dead at 40.5 hours. This is about 8.5 more hours of run time, the HC literature claims 8-19 hours more run time based on the update rate setting.

This HC battery cost about $20 more than the standard battery so that extra 8 hours is at near twice the cost of standard battery. Standard battery on ebay or amazon is around $20 to $24.

Overall I will use this collar on my one dog that has a habit of big running self hunting as I have had to get in truck and drive to intercept her with times of lost comunication with collar.

For tips on how to install battery Collarworks has video's on Youtube.

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