by collinedward
Is it possible to warn people of a breeder that is taking advantage of people? A couple people on this forum have gotten screwed by this guy.

by kninebirddog
you need to be very careful about doing that
as if you put out any false information it can be you that gets into trouble,,,and I am speaking of a legal standing should the person being warned about elect to take it there

We don't want to be a sounding board but also it is good to know

hard one there

by BigShooter
Google up "slander" & "libel" to get some important information about how to keep yourself out of trouble. The absolute truth will set you free. However, even if you tell the truth and eventually are proven to be correct that doesn't mean someone can't come after you and cause you severe headaches, wasted time and lost dollars trying to protect yourself. Certain statements can be constructed in such a way that you minimize your exposure while attempting to convey a message. Note: I said "minimize", I did not say "eliminates" your exposure. I personally wouldn't purchase a puppy from ________. I'm not an attorney and I would strongly advise you to get legal advice before you attempt to protect others from someone you perceive to be unscrupulous or dishonest.

by 3Britts
The simplest way is for people on the forum to ask about a breeder online. Than any party that has had dealings with that breeder can pm the original poster with any information they have. It would have to be first hand knowledge stating what their experience was, however. That is neither slander or libel.

by BigShooter
Responding in a private message to someone who posted a question asking about a breeder is very different from posting a warning about a breeder in a forum.

Even in a PM you must stick to the truth and anything you write down can and will be used against you if the opposing side gets their hands on what was written.

If someone on a forum asked about a breeder and you have knowledge about that breeder you wish to share, an even better way to communicate would be to PM your phone number to the asking party. Then if they call, you can provide information verbally.

by ezzy333
Instead of a warning it would be better to just state what has happened to you I would think. Let us get a legal opinion though. Like it was said, the truth isn't a problem usually but still might instigate someone trying to make it a problem.


by collinedward
Febuary 1 I purchased a black gsp. I was told the 6 month dog was worked with and shot over several times. He was not. I was also told this dog was AKC and NKC registered and I have no paper showing that he is.The Dog was never worked or socialized properly so now he deathly afraid of strange people and sounds.After spending sevaral hundreds dollars on birds he still shows no interest in birds.The breeder said once he had a litter I could bring him back for a new puppy, now the breeder is going back on his word because he said I pissed him off because of my emails..

So after he said that I filed a complaint with the BBB, FTC , and tomorrow I am doing with it AKC , and NKC. If its not too hard Im doing a small claims against him ..

by kninebirddog
wow ..

that sure doesn't sounds like a responsible breeder..... :evil: gees imagine you wouldn't be happy with a pup that wasn't as described from lack of papers to lack of bird desire to lack of socializing...
Was paying attention to gregs post sounds like you have some grounds to be highly upset

so just curious what was it about the emails where they feel compelled to renege on their promise?

by collinedward
To sum it up I said my patience with him and the puppy has ran out.No threats of anything . After he said I was up "bleep" creek I then said I was contacing a lawyer.

by kninebirddog
well I wish you the best Good Luck and keep us posted

sad part is those are the JERKS that give breeders a bad name...and make it hard for people to trust

by BigShooter
What State was your pup was born in?

by mountaindogs
Why on earth would you want to make your dog stay with someone who isn't happy with it!!?? That makes everyone suffer, and I LOVE my dogs. Even if I didn't like a person (and I am pretty nice and not so judgemental :wink: ) I would always try to work it out with the owner for the dog's best interest.

I don't really understand some folks. But I wish you very much the best. If you are nearby to me, I can maybe help out with the dog if you do get stuck with it. Socialization is one of my favorite tasks.