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Inbreeding question

Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 8:28 am
by cruiser
Hello all. I'm interested in getting into hunting with dogs (upland and water, maybe small game), and over the past couple of years I've done research on breeds, etc. I settled on a breeder, and have been anxiously waiting for the litter for about 10 months now. Pups were born last week, and the breeder mentions that the breeding was a mother/son pairing...
This breeder has 30+ years of experience with the breed, and has raised and bred many outstanding dogs. He's nationally, and I believe internationally, known with this breed. Seeing as I'm new to bird dogs, I don't feel I have enough experience to be critical of this pairing, but everything I've ever learned about genetics, and some experiences with "overbred" dogs from show stock, is telling me to avoid this.
What's the opinion of you folks? Is occasional inbreeding like this (he says it is very rare for him to do this) a no-no? I've got a lot of time and emotional energy invested already, but no money yet.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Re: Inbreeding question

Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 9:53 am
by Brittguy
Everybody has their own opinions on this , here are some of my thoughts concerning this litter. It is widely agreed that this is a way to concentrate desirable traits, but it also can bring out undesirable recessive traits.While there are examples of fine offspring of such close breedings here are some things to consider.Such a close breeding I would expect the breeder would have other people already in the breed interested in the puppies. Is he going to keep some puppies . I would think he would keep all of the pups for some time so he could determined which he wanted for his program. I am surprised a puppy would be available to you. If you get the pup that happens to show a lot of inherited faults are you going to get rid of him or is the situation such that he is part of the family for good. How special is the stud that this breeding was done?

Re: Inbreeding question

Posted: Mon May 11, 2009 10:42 am
by ezzy333
I wouldn't be at all concerned if the breeder is a respected breeder. I have done it many times and have never had a problem show up. If you like his dogs this litter should be a good one.