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wrong upload pictures

Posted: Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:18 am
by deseeker
Might have a problem with the upload attachment since the forum problem on the 15th. I went to upload pictures of my pups on my dogs for sale ad. When I went to preview it, It was someone elses pictures(not even a picture I have in my files) that came up---so I didn't post it. Today I'm looking at other people's posts and I see a picture of one of my pups on a post that is supposed to be another person's adult dog (Molly). Any one else having problems with other people's pictures showing up when they try to upload a picture :?: I see a couple more of my puppy pictures showed up in Grey Dawgs brag post :?: :?:
I see another of my pup pictures showed up in one of ckgsp dogs for sale ads. I see 2 more of my puppy pictures showed up in mlinnane's lewllen pupy dog for sale ad. :roll: :roll: