by partyofone
I have tried to post several times and each time I get a message that my post was received, but needed approval. Is there a minimum post count before it just posts or is my account goofy?

Erik in PA

by kninebirddog
The first four posts have to be approved so that we can verify that people aren't spammers

by partyofone

by NEhomer
Don't remember if I've made four posts yet 'cause I can't count 'em. Kind of curious how long it takes to see 'em.

by NEhomer
Well what do you know, there it is!

Thanks guys and thanks for the really cool forum.

by Bobcat1
I was wondering the same thing. I guess it makes sense. I moderate some football boards and we spend a lot of time deleting spam accounts.

by WindfallFarmES
I also am waiting for approval, my first post has not appeared yet and it has been 48 hours. Any idea if it will appear at all?

by kninebirddog
I try to keep up with doing many approvals with my phone but I do have a family and Sundays we have Church then Family gathering.

As for how many posts there is only 4 posts that need to be approved and It helps more then you can imagine

by pooch897
I wondered the same thing

by Uplander
experiencing the same, my posts are not appearing from few days, any idea will they appear?

by kninebirddog
sorry some times specially this time of the year the moderators are doing that holiday family stuff and don't have a chance to get to all the posts right away

But we try to get to them

by ezzy333
I try to keep up but the last few days I have been deer hunting. our first few posts are held for approval as a way to stop most of the scammers and it works though sometimes inconvenient. As of now I do not find any that are waiting so I imagine that means Knine took care of them. If you have further questions just ask, as we will make every effort to get everything done and approved in a timely manner.

Thanks for your co-operation and enjoy.