by kninebirddog
Henson's Tiffy

Date Whelped: Tuesday, July 16, 1996 Laid to rest Aug 13 2011


Bob Henson Owner and Breeder

With 54 points Tiffy was a 2x NSTRA Champion and 2nd runner up AZ region 2001. She placed in AZ, CA, NE, KS, CO and IN. Tiffy was one who kept you in your toes in NSTRA but at home on the pheasant preserve guiding she rarely left a bird unfound in the field. She also loved to go wild bird hunting the few times a year Bob had a chance to go. She may not have been that most known dog on the circuit but she gave her heart in the field. May she her journey over rainbow bridge to the big bird field in the sky be one where she is free to run and play like she did in her younger days.

by Meller
Sorry for your loss.
Sounds like she had a long and fruitful and happy life.
Sad to see the good ones go. :(

by Jordan
I'm sorry for your loss, KBD. Tiffy sounds like she was a spectacular dog.

by snips
Very sorry to hear of loosing Tiffy. Condolences.

by kninebirddog
Bob didn't take it well that's for sure..Thank you for the condolences... :cry: :cry: :cry: hate that they have to get old so fast