Dog Den 1 w or w/o Hound Heater?

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Dog Den 1 w or w/o Hound Heater?

Post by wannabe » Wed Jan 29, 2014 7:55 am

I have another puppy coming in a few weeks and I need to get another dog house. I live in northern Iowa and we have had over 30 days of sub-zero temps so far this Winter. My current dog houses are heated with heating pads that I remove in the Spring and re install in the Fall when I hook up the water bucket heaters. The best dog house that I have found so far is the Dog Den 1. Is the Hound heater worth the extra $100 or would I be just as happy with a $50 pad?
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Re: Dog Den 1 w or w/o Hound Heater?

Post by PntrRookie » Wed Jan 29, 2014 8:08 am

Worth it. I use a version of them in mine - SE WI...same bitter cold.

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Re: Dog Den 1 w or w/o Hound Heater?

Post by mm » Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:18 pm

I got the hound heater after someone on here told me about it and I am very please with it. It has a thermostat and it works well.

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Re: Dog Den 1 w or w/o Hound Heater?

Post by demsdogs » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:21 am

Saw the title and thought you were talking about the K9 Kennel dog den, I was going to tell you to run as far away from that company as you can get. BUT.. I am guessing you're actually talking about the k-9 condo set-up. I haven't used it but I've heard nothing but good things from a friend who bought one. Good luck

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