GWP Planned Breeding

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GWP Planned Breeding

Post by ddlyon » Sun Apr 17, 2022 4:46 pm

Announcing an upcoming litter between Big Sioux Emmaline (Emma) and Dorn Vom Tueberschlag (Chili). These German Wirehaired Pointers are both performance (NAVHDA or VDD) and health certified (OFA, PennHIP or VDD). They will produce big running, high prey pups that will excel in field and water while being great family dogs in the home. The confirmation and coat on both are excellent and will produce full furnishings (FF).

Puppies are expected to whelp on or about June 14, 2022 and ready to go to their permanent homes in early August.

Deposits are being accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Puppies are $1,500 regardless of gender with a $300 deposit. Email (, call or text (605.310.4143) for more information.

Big Sioux Emmaline (Emma)

Whelped 6/13/2018
NAVHDA GW-011150
AKC SS-09029101

NAVHDA - NA 112 Prize I, UT 195 Prize I

PennHIP 144895 Right DI = 0.35, Left DI = 0.33
Elbows GWP-EL1247F25-VPI Normal
Thyroid GWP-TH906/30F-PI Normal
Embark testing tested clear for all conditions including Von Willebrand Disease and Exercise-Induced Collapse

Emma is ~55 LB with a medium dense-medium harsh liver & roan ticked coat. She is a big running dog with an intense point and a strong drive to recover downed birds on land or water. She displays a natural back. For all that she has a off switch in the house and a very happy disposition with both people and dogs.

She shows the traits or her grandmother, Griff’s Greta MH UT I, and of her mother, VC Griff’s Viking Evalina MH (Eva), and sire, Mueller’s Black Star Trials & Tribulations (Kai). All of these dogs are relentless in the pursuit and retrieval of game in any environment. They will make excellent hunting companions and partners.

Dorn Vom Tueberschlag (Chili)
Whelped 1/5/2019
NAVHDA GW-011439

Coat Medium Dense, Medium Harsh

VDD-NA - VJP 67 HZP 157
HD (Hip Dysplasia), ED (Elbow Dysplasia) and OCD (Osteochondrosis) Frei

Chili is a ~65 lb German-import medium dense-medium harsh coat. He has tested through the VDD system and scored 11 out of 11 in confirmation. He works the field at a moderate range and gets along well with both people and dogs.
David Lyon,
Big Sioux Kennels, LLC
Hudson, SD 57034

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