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Stop SB-250!

You DO NOT need to be a California resident to act.

Let your voices be heard!

Automated fax service to all members of California Assembly Committee at SaveOurDogs.net.

California Bill SB-250 requires ALL dogs to be sterilized including working dogs. This genocide for our future quality working dogs.


This bill is not about animal control.  It's about more officers, bigger budgets, more government control.  Even the animal control administrator admits "this is not about saving dogs" Every city or county with mandatory pet sterilization has resulted in an astounding increase in pet euthanasia rates.

Out-of-state visitors are even subject to this proposed law. So your trial/show dog is at risk if you compete in California. Also this bill will supersedes your ownership of your dog. The bill states that "ANYONE who feeds or has control of the dog is the Custodian of the dog" and can legally force or be forced to have it sterilized. Animal rights groups are known to kidnap dogs and surrender them to animal services to have them sterilized or killed. So help me and yourself by stopping this now!

Read it for your self.  Here is the latest proposed SB-250 Bill.

Please Act Now!

Stop SB2-50

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I am not affiliated with SaveOurDogs.net. I am just a man you loves his hunting dog.