Adventures in pointing

Follow me, along with my buddy Blaze through our journey....


   In my quest to learn how to train a pointing breed; I hope to entertain those that are skilled and those that are like me. Through this journey; we will watch how my shorthair, Blaze, will  grow into a mature pointer. We will run AKC, along with NSTRA within my home state.

     Blaze, being born on July 27th, 2005, is quickly approaching his 1st year.

     He is from a trial cross to a show line. His top side lineage is stuffed with great shorthairs from trials past and present. His bottom end is from gentle, traditional colored, larger boned show stock. What we ended up with is a leggier,traditional colored shorthair, that possesses traditional shorthair lines and color coupled with the trial features that have helped him be a great family friend and possessing the makings of a good field companion. From the time we got him at eight weeks of age; Blaze has continued to amaze us at how versatile the shorthair breed is and also how well they can be within the household.pedigree

     Blaze and I began our Hunt Test journey on May 20th at the Ottawa training grounds here in WI. Our first run was shall I say; very unimpressive. It was not the dogs fault that he didn't produce birds, yet it was the trainer's fault for not readily watering the dog prior to their run. What transpired, was a 10 month old puppy getting sick due to the heat. I learned my lesson the hard way; I could have lost my friend as well.

     Since then; Blaze has picked up two ribbons as JH in two consecutive runs

He has scored well, though not perfect. His 1st leg pts go as follows 8-9-8-8. His 2nd leg scored a 9-8-9-9 less than a month later. I am eagerly anticipating our September runs and anticipate the possibility of scoring even higher as we attempt to finish the JH legs. From there; I hope to get us his Senior legs prior to the season ending by years end.

     Blaze is not yet what I consider broke to shot 100 percent; but I would dare to say the gains made in the last few weeks have been remarkable. He is now being worked on honoring; and even though I feel he isn't a natural backer, he has made some nice leaps! Time will tell if my novice training attempts will bear fruit; but I can tell you I have had some exceptional help along our journey so far. The people that have helped to open my eyes to this have been from the Wisconsin NSTRA region, a friend that represents the South East GSP Club of WI. and I have even spent a little time with a pro trainer just outside of Burlington WI. All of these people have made  our journey a little less bumpy. If you are a new owner of a pointer; I would recomend getting any and all advice you can get from experienced people should they wish to share.

    In my upcoming pages, I will show the steps I took to get Blaze to where he is now. I will post pictures taken along the way to demonstrate the process used. This is where the entertainment value steps in. To the seasoned pro's; you might just get a laugh at my meager attempts in whoah breaking, and taking it to the next level of steadiness on birds. To the novice; they might find that such ways used might just be easy enough for them to use. At any rate, I get to tell my story; and you all just might feel some sort of value in the end.

Take care of those hunting buddies contact us