Bannfshire Gordon Setters , AKC & FDSB Gun Dogs

Getting to the POINT !

   Bannfshires Firside Lament J.H.  at Stud apon bitch approval $500.00/ negotiable,     Natural point , honor & retrieve

      Our Gordon Setters are bred for the enjoyment of successful days in the field and hart-felt companionship in the home. We strive to continue to produce intense, natural pointing and retrieving instincts in our dogs.  

  All our puppies are introduced to birds and gunfire and  are pointing before leaving to their new homes. I occasionally have a started dog for sale, or can point you in the right direction for what you may be looking for.

   I hunt my dogs mainly on pheasant & quail with occasional forays in pursuit of wood cock and ruffed grouse. Also in the early fall my Gordons are used for water fowling before the waters get too cold. I try to keep our dogs as versatile as possible !

  My breeding decisions are based on producing healthy gordon setters with great amounts of desire and intensity which compliments their natural point, honor and retrieving instincts. They are biddable, wanting to produce game birds for you,.. their hunting partner!  That's really what having a gordon setter gun dog is most,..A partnership, between man and dog that can not be rivaled by any other gun dog breed !  They are simply amazing in this respect !

       I started this line by blending the select Dual Champion and honest Gun dog lines of  outstanding , conscientious breeders before me.  To those people I owe many thanks for their integrity and mentoring over the years.  

   I have shown Gordon's to conformation championships, placed in field trials, earned several hunt test titles for them and also several other pointing breeds such as Irish & English Setters, GSPs & Weims.   All these extra activities are quite enjoyable and extend the time I have with my gordons, but when it all comes down to it, THE HUNT is what it's all about and  where these dogs excel is as a personal gun dog.   I have hunted with and trained many breeds including retrievers and have found that the Gordon Setter is my ideal gundog.... And giving due research  and considerations to you & your families needs, may be the best choice in a gun dog  you will ever make !

            Upcoming 2009 Litter  :   due aprox. mid April..

      a.k.c.,..       CH. Hubert Tartana Featherman M.H.  c.g.c


        fdsb...              Bannfshires Gael Force

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