Flints Flashy Dog page

Flint Comes Home

Flint is an AKC Black Lab. 

Why Flint?  Well I let the wife and kids pick the name.  Since we have another dog named Houston they wanted another city name.  Flint matches because of his color, and his feet have white patches on or near all the pads of his feet so they flash like sparks when he runs. 


We worked on heel today.  He did pretty good.  We have to work more on etiquite with the children.  Somedays are better than others. 


Flint seemed OK with gunfire.  We went to a mountain man rendezvous and they had a blackpowder range.  He only glanced toward the range when there was either a volley or a very loud gun.  We walked to the range and he was fine with standing there.  He is getting the sit on a whistle.  Not hammer quick yet but satisfactory for a puppy.  Some retrieves every morning and plenty of comeback whistles.  When I am playing with him and I blow a sit he wants to drop his butt yet he sees me running and second guesses himself.  

9-9-2010  12 weeks old

Flint did well today.  While we were playing at the park I give him a sit whistle and he sat from about 25 feet away, then I give him a come back whistle and he came a running.  The retrieves today left something to be desired.  He would go get the bumper then run past me.  I did that twice while on the lead and decided today was not a retrieving day.  


I purchased a tie out and 100' of rope.  We started a drill where he was near the tie out and I blew a sit whistle then walked away.  I then blew the come whistle and half way I blew the sit whistle again.  He did really well.  I need to put a pulley on the tie out so that the rope runs easier and doesn't tire him out.  

9-26-2010 15 weeks

Flint did about 15 water retrieves today.  The last one I threw the dummy to a mud flat on the other side of the ditch.  He seen it go down but lost it when he got close.  I think it threw him that the dummy wasn't in the water.  He came back to me and I told him "NO" and he turned around and went back to the spot he marked it at.  It took him a few minutes and a decent sized rock thrown at the dummy but he finally got it.  That made me so happy when he didn't give up finding the dummy.  


Flint hates the tie out drills.  When I put him on it he protests by laying down when I want him to sit.  He really behaves better without it.  Heel is coming along, today I ran the heel drills and changed directions when he seemed to try to get ahead.  I have commanded heel a few times and he comes to my left.  Sometimes are better than others but I think he will have it down pat in a week or so.