Britts DeBreton

Who we are

Britts DeBreton is a small family kennel that was established in 1964 when we recieved a Grandson of DC Uno Chief to train as the breeder just didn't have the time to work with him.  This was my first experience with a birddog and I have been hooked ever since.  After a few months we purchased a well bred female that was an excellent field dog from the same breeder in Iowa and our kennel began to take shape.  

The breeding behind these dogs came from Clarence Goering's  Kennels and his deTriumph dogs in Newton Kansas. At that time he had bred more Champion Brittanys than any one else and was selling dogs throughout the United States and a few in South America and Europe.  His line were known as the "goodlooking hunting dogs" and one of the things I heard him say many times was "It is just as cheap to feed a goodlooking dog as an ugly one".  His dogs as were all Brittanys, bred from dogs that had come from France in the recent past and he was lucky enough to own Allamuchy Valley Warrior who is one of the HOF founding sires of the Brittanys we know today.

.  We have insisted on dogs that meet the breed standard and have demonstrated their ability in the field before we would use them for breeding or showing. We have been able to produce a family dog that hunts for you and is good looking enough to win in the show ring. As time goes on we have added more Field Trial breeding and have dogs that can compete in Gundog stakes but still know they are in the field with you.