Yellowleaf Creek Kennels

Welcome to Yellowleaf Creek Kennels

Located in the heart of Central Alabama, raising English Pointers, and finding birds is what we're all about.  We are relatively new to the Bird Dog industry with only 2 yrs. experience, but it doesn't take long to figure out what you've got in a dog, or to realize what bird hunters are wanting.  We are a small kennel, enjoying this sport at the hobby level, but we love talking bird dogs and bird hunting and meeting new friends.  With bloodlines from Rock Acre Santo, Crow's Little Joe, Honky Tonk Attitude, Sir Lancelot, and a little Elhew in the mix, we feel our dogs have what it takes to enjoy a successful hunt whether it is on a plantation after wild and early- release birds or chasing the championship on the field trial circuit.  We currently hunt NSTRA and UFTA Field Trials on a regular basis, along with providing dogs and guiding service for some local plantations.  We truly hope we can offer some great dog photos, dignified conversation topics or just a good site to visit, while you're here visiting us.