Gunner's Crazy Little Lucy


My name is Chris and Lucy is my first GSP.  She is owned by me and my good friend Riley.  She was whelped on 01/16/2007.  She is crate trained and we are currently working on basic obedience.  We have introduced her to pigeons and she has been doing very well.  The first time she stayed fairly close but did locate the birds and somewhat pointed them.  In the next several training sessions, she was very excited and covered a lot of ground and locked up on the birds when she located has been great.  I am very fortunate to have the guidance of Jason Spielman, owner of Rock Creek Gundogs throughout this process.  Jason has trained a lot of dogs for himself and for others, he also runs his dogs in PHU and NBDCA.  You can see Jason at

Whats in a name?  Riley's mom(my girlfriend) came up with the name of Lucy when we were trying to name our new pup.  For the registered name we decided on Gunner because Riley's dad(Russ) passed away several years ago and wanted to nickname Riley as Gunner.  Crazy is because my girlfriend(Wendy) and I often listen to Patsy Cline and our favorite song of her's is Crazy.  This is how we came up with Gunner's Crazy Little Lucy.

To view Lucy's pedigree, please go here