Laurel Mountain Llewellins

About Us

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The Llewellin Setter has "indomitable, enduring, hard-working properties" (to quote Edward Laverack), wonderful character and style, a great passion for bird finding and they are loyal companions. Our Llewellin Setters have literally filled our home with fun and companionship and our freezer full of grouse, woodcock, quail, chuckar, and pheasant.

Our goal in breeding our Llewellin Setters is first and foremost to preserve the natural hunting and pointing instinct, intelligence, style, stamina, and temperament in this truly amazing breed of dog. Llewellin pups will be made available whose parents are proven excellent in the fields and forests of Pennsylvania, Maine, Michigan and wherever we get to travel to hunt grouse, woodcock, pheasant and more. We are committed to maintaining the Llewellin Setter breed and will make pups available to select hunting-only homes.

We are currently accepting limited reservations for our next breeding of Laurel Mt.'s Grousewing Maisy to Lynnhill's Brier Bud: Pups due to whelp late January, available late March, 2008.


Visit our website and our Upland Hunting Journal for more information.